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Arbitrum Odyssey Task 2 & 3 | Arbitrum Odyssey (Week 2) Yield Protocol & GMX Task Complete Guide

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Arbitrum Odyssey Task 2 & 3 | Arbitrum Odyssey (Week 2) Yield Protocol & GMX Task Complete Guide

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Trading has high potential rewards and also high potential risk. You must be aware of the risk and be willing to accept them. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

The cryptocurrency market is an unregulated and highly speculative market. Anything thing can happen anytime. Be aware of this and do your own diligence before making any financial decision.

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  1. Apne bht glt kiya, itta jldi q task krwa diya apko. Pta hai kitte mehnat krke thoda thoda krke hm jyse tyse task kiye aur sara brbd.krdiya apne

  2. Bhai ap kya kiye wolg bolre hai abhi strt hua hai week 2 jo phle kiye wolg eligible nhi honge, ap hmlg ko itte phle krwa diye, kyuuuu…?

  3. Bhai, thank you so much for making such a in-depth video and explaining in a much simpler way. Really appreciates 🙂

  4. SIR MENE KAL RAT 8 PM KO ZERION SE POLIGON SE ARBITURM PAR #ETH SEND KIA THA LEKIN AVI TAK NAHI AYA . SIR PLEASE HELP ME T.ID- 0xed10960adc25381461e803287e7407b29f04d7770c7c0d7a1ead2032039e680d

  5. Sare tasks turant krk positions close krden tb bhi to transactions record ho jaegi na bs GLP ko hold krlenge?

    Kya kehte ho bhai

  6. Sir pls help me 😔
    Maine polygon network se hop. Mai bridge Kiya hua task 1. Mai pr task complete ho gya hai hai but fund ni show ho rahe hai pls sir help 😓😓

  7. bhai aapne timse pahle hi task complete kyu ker diye 13:00 EST yani raat ko 10:30 pm se start hoga task

  8. Jinko v task karna hai 10:30 pm ke baad raat me karna tab eligible honge ..bhai ne only ye bataya hai task kaise karna hai 👍🏾

  9. Are Bhai task 10.30 pm Indian standard time pe start hoga abhi Karine to eligible Hoge kya?
    I don't think so

  10. Bro task start at 10:30 pm tonight I think we have done abit early. 😭😭

  11. Sir aapka video dekh karke hamne 2nd (orbitrum ) ka task complete Kiya .itna achhi tarah samjhane ka bahut bahut dhanyavad

  12. event to 10:30 pm IST par shuru hoga lekin abhi krlia h task to kya koi dikkat hogi

  13. Question – After closing long you will see your funds comes in BTC not USDC. Did you see that?

  14. Thank you!

    Yeild protocol main jaise hi liquidity remove karoge video banana tabhi task karna shuru karenge. Aur kitne time baad active ho jata hai NFT. Risky hai na.

  15. Bhai ye batao ye sara task arbitrum network pe karna hai na?plz help🥺🥺

  16. Sir mera GR14 me donation as "FUNDER" ho gaya hai …kuch log bol rahe the" Contributor " chahiye.

    Kuch problem hai kya ,Airdrop Milne ka chance hai ya nahi

  17. sir NFT sell ki website kya hai or ab itna next task 50 jitna amount ni hai so nft sell kr du kya ache amount me i am just student give good advice sir

  18. Sirf agar GMX may part le lain to wo kafi hay ya yieldprotocol per bhi part lena hay

  19. Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 vym.Monster qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciang ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  20. Polygon se Arbitrum pe ETH Send Kiya tha Kal Hop k Through But Ab tak Arbitrum pe Receive Nahi Hua. Pls Help

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