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Are People Still Excited For SafeMoon?

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With the community waiting on SafeMoon to release a wide variety of products related to SafeMoon the CEO has posted on social media and many are chiming in on how they feel with things right now. Let’s talk about that.

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  1. I think you need to mention MORE that you're not a financial advisor and that reading comments is not financial advice. Perhaps say every 30 seconds?

  2. Getting tired of the dangling carrots and BS jokes and memes. No excitement about Safemoon anymore. Want to see products soon or I’m out

  3. Safemoon is garbage, ariva coin is a solid project that is trying to do something within the travel industry, its also easy and cheap to burn the token supply.

  4. Smh… it is crazy that these guys can steal and get away with it. People will still support them even when their money is gone.

  5. Since you like "research," why don't research what a guy in the tech field wrote on reddit. He claims that Orbital Shield is a nothing burger, nothing new or unique, and not necessarily desireable… Why not explore that idea and look for truth or non-truth?

  6. Isn't it hilarious that ppl call john/safemoon a scam when ftx just stole BILLIONS from investors, 3 arrows capital dies, Celsius dead, on and on. Would u rather have security compromised because u wanna get rich in 2 years? Plz amateurs.

  7. i consider my safemoon investment a lost cause. No one is making an money besides the devs. Very sad .

  8. Yes I still believe in Safemoon. I believe that something big is comming, and it takes time, lots of time, it is not easy. Of course I would like more info, but the whole thing will probably come as a surprise, so that competitors have not copied in advance. Rolf -Denmark

  9. Yes. I haven’t invested more than I could afford to lose, and I’ve always been patient. Happy to hold through this bear market and see what happens after that.

  10. "Just patiently waiting". The whole crypto market is in a shit show ppl especially with this FTX and other exchanges pulling out. I wouldn't release anything until the next bull run and crypto is regulated then I would release the products. Patience is 💯 🔑.

  11. 98% of hacks are inside job. For the 2% that can’t secure their passphrase. Don’t deserve to be in crypto. John the snake oil sales man is solving problems which don’t exist.

  12. I'm out of safemoon. Like they shot themselves in the foot when they said this and that last year (11 months ago) and they're still working on the wallets? I'd was hype when the people supported the community…but the CEO haven't really done much but give the holders the wallets update…and the holders are wanting changes that they can get off of ETH and BNB for a while. I knew something was up but this route wasn't for me to keep on holding with them. I'll join back when the price hits lower than today and more…so I can get a juicy spot back.

  13. Why wouldn't investors still be excited? The following are incoming…

    Orbital Shield
    Safemoon Card
    Safemoon Exchange
    Safemoon Connect
    Safemoon Blockchain

    Even if we get 3/5 products by the next Bull Run the price will go parabolic!
    The problem isn't #SAFEMOON as such, the problem is the lack of clear communication from the team & the inability for them to follow strict product release time lines. The majority of uncertainty spreading amongst the community is because of zero news from the powers that be.

  14. SAFEMOON IS FN the Dog 🐕
    John doesn't care if it goes to "0"
    John has made his money.
    They haven't done a thing.
    Promises of "F" all.

  15. I sold all SFM prior to the wallet release. I used my profit to purchase Hbar and now I've gone down a rabit hole with the Hedera ecosystem specifcally Saucer Swap and their alt coins on there.

  16. Not at all. I still have my bag because I was in early. Donated to crowd funded exchange. At this point in time there is no trust from the company for me to ever invest more or even consider putting any of my other crypto or buy crypto through there exchange!

  17. I've invested what I'm not afraid to lose. The bear market is in full effect, it is the time to hunker down and develop. The fud comes and goes like waves and to each his/her own, I see no reason to fud your own bag or fud someone else bag (referring to the twitter replies). I'm excited for what is yet to come, whenever it comes. Of course I would love for the products to be out now, but I'm not the one, planning, developing, implementing, executing, I could not do what the team is planning to do. So why would I go full Karen mode on the team? I see no reason to. I hope they can fulfill, it would help my family immensely, but nothing is ever certain, so diversify. Let SafeMoon do what they have to do, in the meantime we should work on ourselves.

  18. my thoughts are if safemoon hasnt gone 1000% into that exchange and has a proper launch we can all kiss our investments goodbye.

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