Are VeVe NFTs Dying & Will OMI Token Save Ecomi???

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Are VeVe NFTs Dying & Will OMI Token Save Ecomi??? | Cavell Anderson

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  1. After 2 years of investing in the crypto field, Veve, HRO, and Palm NFT etc, I fell in love with collecting and learned so much about the business field. My intelligence in this field has grown so much. The way the real world work isn’t easy to handle but when handled correctly, things can go the way you want it if you work hard enough. At 21 I feel like I’m already late to the game but that’s just how I feel even though we’re still early. Putting in only $700 I’ve cashed out over 10k of profit for other investments and a little of self enjoyment. Still have lots of collectible to hold for the long run as well and I’m eager to learn more from everyone here as well as putting in more work! 💯

  2. Dude says he’s got long term vision then jumps ship selling at all time lows lol what a newb investor

  3. STOP FUDDING VEVE DUDE!!!!! Live your life without fudding social media where most newbies don’t understand what you are talking about and only sees your thumbnails. Do your business or investment WITHOUT the FUD !!! Sad day – time to unsubscribe….

  4. Yo good looking out for your videos and being yourself always forever, that’s facts. There’s a lot of people that are scared shitless because they never been through cycles like these and just want to point their fingers at someone. Again, good looking out G 🫡

  5. Excuse my ignorance. Didn’t Yu say that they “separated” veve from OMI? So if veve doing well or poorly. Wouldn’t that not correlate as closely since they are now Seperate entities?

  6. Cavellelogic, "let me sell all my collectibles because I believe in the project" , "The project – collecting" , I'm just a little confused here because if everyone sells their collectibles and buys OMI do we even have a project? lmfao

  7. Shit…. @ 25 cents I'll a millionaire. I could care less about $10. I don't need hundreds of millions of dollars to live. At 25 cents I'll be stylin!!!! And it will appreciate and value faster than I can spend it anyways.

  8. Yo Cavell, much love. You should check out the HELIX metaverse game. GTA style nft metaverse. This is what VeveVerse is up against. Would love to see your reaction video on it.

  9. I have way more faith in the collectibles than omi, and I was into crypto before veve. Crypto is going to be subject to much harder regs than NFTs. Also if something goes awry with veve or if they are bought by Disney for instance, Disney will likely carry over the collectibles but leave the omi part behind. With that being said, I like that omi isn’t on major exchanges yet and see some opportunity there. Plus the Ecomi team is legit.

  10. CAVELL spitting major facts!! Smashing the fuders outta here. keep doing you bro and looking fresh.

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