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Ari The Don On Her New Beauty Brand, Her Partnerships, Social Media & More | Assets Over Liabilities

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On a new episode of #AssetsOverLiabilities, Rashad and Troy meet with #AriTheDon for a convo about monetizing social media content, her various partnerships, her new beauty brand ‘Remedy By Ari’ & more.

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  1. People say they kno ari from herbo but I kno ari from wen she first was dating her ex Jeff he was a scammer & she was still a bottle girl that’s how I first knew her then she blew up up after dating herb but I was a fan of her instragram wen she was with her first ex like 2015 2016 like she said she BEEN that girl was then & still is NOW!! Love u baby even tho I don’t agree with everything you’ve done or said in the media I still fck wit you just because you are yourself unapologetically

  2. Ari deff showed a lot of growth I always liked her but I love the person she is now! She’s definitely tapping into that business women side!

  3. Who cares she black and for the street that her baby father problem hope he don't have a daughter

  4. Being soft and feminine starts with acknowledging that men are the reason you are in the position you are. She dated 3 successful men which brought her fame, money 💰, and recognition. Only a hood chik with no dad wouldn't understand that because they don't respect men.

  5. Why everything she doing is compare to other people?? Why everything has to be related with other people?? She date who she date but please don’t BELITTLE her…she hustling, working and having fun just like every other average American people….just because she don’t work 9-5 that doesn’t mean she don’t work…just because she had and have famous people related to her that doesn’t mean she is hustling easy…one way other other every $hit have bad and good thing so don’t try to discredit people just because you don’t like her or just because you like somebody else…

  6. I have a few Remedy glosses and I love them especially the clear gloss- quality products. Keep growing and shining, Ari.

  7. I love how he listen and can repeat everything someone says that's real interviewing skills my boy go crazy

  8. I love the interview with ari Good to see a different aspects of her And Talking about how she Growth A social media audience On the conversation on how She started out with business And The conversation about brand She took it to the next level of social media content She is very good energy and good vibes Good luck to her wish her more success in her business God blessed you 🙏❤️

  9. I like how they asked her different questions than most of her interviews (even though I wanted the tea lol 🤭) but it was very interesting for her to talk more about business and stuff

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