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Astroport + Mars Protocol Yield Farming APR Warning

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In this video, I try to verify the APR numbers on Astroport. Mars Protocol is a lending/borrowing platform that just launched on the Terra network that uses Astroport for leveraged yield farming. There is a discrepancy on the APR that I calculated versus what is shown on Astroport. I think what the platform is showing may be inaccurate. Let me know if I’m missing anything and if you have any criticisms. Cheers.

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Yield Farming APRs and APYs Explained: https://youtu.be/zFviSMpzGig

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***Useful Resources***
Astroport Docs: https://docs.astroport.fi/astroport/backend/apy-calculation#total-rewards

Astroport: https://app.astroport.fi/pools

Coinhall: https://coinhall.org/terra/pairs

TerraSwap: https://app.terraswap.io/

0:00 Intro
0:09 Examining Astroport swap fee APR
0:28 Mars Protocol
1:16 Checking Astroport/Mars APRs
3:14 Coinhall APR cross check
3:45 Verifying APRs on TerraSwap
5:44 Thoughts on the APR numbers
6:24 Outro

#Astroport #MarsProtocol #APR

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  1. Great digging. Astroport was using 7 day averages, but believe they're talking about switching back to 24-hour fee calculations, which should make the estimates look more accurate for newer pools.

  2. Another great vid! LP metrics always seem a little cloudy, you raise some interesting questions.

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