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Atlas Cloud Nodes on Fantom with 1% Per Day

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Atlas Cloud Nodes is a new platform on Fantom Opera Network giving 1% per day returns
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ATLAS – https://atlascloud.network/
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00:00 Introduction
00:30 DYOR
02:35 Already Investing
03:30 $ATLAS Price Chart
05:55 Atlas Cloud Dashboard
07:20 How to buy Atlas
10:19 Comparing to THOR and Vapor Nodes

ALL MY LINKS – https://linktr.ee/mckmcr
ATLAS – https://atlascloud.network/
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  1. Nice video but it should be pointed out that blood nodes and all other ring forks are not real nodes, and never understood why people bought into something that's synthetic and over promised what they deliver . It just screamed rug pull.

    Strong Block so far is the only real node as a service and potentially Atlas Nodes .

  2. There is no comparison between atlas cloud and thor.
    atlas are real nodes with doxxed team, they are mostly like strong but they have a treasury for buy backs and investments cause as we already know, strong is giving 0.1 per day but it still has a big problem with sustainability, and atlas comes to solve that problem, also the code for atlas is hidden and it was made from scratch so it's not a fork of any other project unlike thor cause it has the same code as ring.

  3. Its bad that you are making videos and give it to public without reading the whitepaper and roadmap!
    They clearly announced that they are real RPC nodes like Strongblock!!!

  4. Crazy people going to same people behind ring…. Stay well clear guys…. Dont throw your money on crap coins

  5. The team also doxxed themselves on launch. They streamed and showed their faces on twitch.

  6. Honestly I dont trust these guys. They were going live before the main launch on twitch. They look like some guys from Fiverr. I participated in the presale but I choose thor and strong for my investment

  7. Thumbs up for bringing us new projects again, but after reading think you missed out quite a lot of information.
    1. These are real nodes (like strong) hence the monthly maintenance fee
    2. Team is doxxed, have been on video with the community numerous times.
    3. Presale was open to everyone (not just OGs) was set at a fixed price, each wallet could only buy 10 tokens, and could only be used for creating a node (no sale).
    4. On launch, contract was hidden until go live on website; limited number of tokens could be bought within the first half hour, and nobody could sell atlas tokens without creating at least one node first.

    I think so far things have been handled really well, so just bringing balance to the many comments saying that this is a scam. I got in on presale, but the current price is way too high to get in and is close to strong. Will be watching and hoping that things are being done right

  8. I got in at the pre-sale price so I only have a $500 investment for a node and I hope they decide to make it sustainable!

  9. Why are they charging 25 dollars a month for maintenance if they don't have a real node.

  10. Uh, no. Not getting my money. They straight up lied on the front of their website. Node-as-a-Service? They aren't. They are DeFi as a service like Ring was. Same as Thor and everything else. The only NaaS that we know is Strong. Scam imo, or at least a lie

  11. Guys this one is legit. Dev team has been Doxxed. You cannot sell coins unless you own a node. They have come up with many with many good remedies to stave off of selling. They are building nodes right now through a 3rd party cloud network but will transition into actual hardware nodes. Most of their people have also invested into Strong. They have a Treasury. Everything is open and transparent with the wallets. NONE of you have done any research on this. This entire community was all from people that got scammed from Blood Nodes, Ring, samurai… all the damn Ponzi's. This one is legit. The entire community wants to compound.

  12. I agree with you. I'm not investing….Fool me once, shame on them. Fool me twice….

  13. THOR is killing it right now and has their own validator nodes coming this month, is the next STRONG

  14. no point to buy these node projects that in reality dont create a node. So far, as i have seen, only strong nodes actually creates a node. Everything else you are just chipping into an investment fund

  15. Only fool would give 3k+ for new node that actualy isn't node and with anonymous drvelopers, ppl didn't learn it from RING i guess. BTW…thanks bro for hard work and bringing new contects.

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