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Atom 1.0 to Atom 2.0 Explained

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Today, using a gamut of sources, I try to be as quick and efficient as possible in breaking down the transition from Atom 1.0 to Atom 2.0 in all of its complexity. The order is in this format:
✔Why move from 1.0 to 2.0?
✔What is new?
✔What are the changes in tokenomics?
✔What are the current issues/controversies?

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I am a huge fan of useful crypto technology, have a degree in Financial Management, and I believe in the future of the blockchain. However I am not your financial advisor. So please consider all variables before making a financial decision.

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Some sources:–blt2dcb1119ef37226c/

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Why move from 1.0 to 2.0?
1:45 What is new?
3:00 Liquid Staking
3:30 Interchain Security
4:00 Interchain Scheduler
5:00 Interchain Allocator
6:50 What are the changes in tokenomics?
8:20 What are the current issues/controversies?


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  1. Why does the atom have to increase in value? It has a function and it does it well, being a store of value is not it's purpose. There is also nothing wrong with the current tokenomics. The inflation only affects those who are not delegating , this is the whole point, inflation is a tax on those who have not staked. Astonishing that you have omitted the most interesting bit of this whole saga, the return of Jae Kwon, the creator of Cosmos, and his staunch rejection of 2.0

  2. thank you for this, I found looking at the whitepaper intimidating and there are so many terms that are needlessly complex. Its hard to convince people to take the Cosmos seriously when they start reading DAO DAO and liquid staking

  3. 1st – Welcome back James, glad to see you recovered 2. Atom 2.0 is so complex yet wrapped into 1 gov proposal – I would have liked to see ea. of the 4 horseman broke down into their own proposal – Pura Vida

  4. we miss u man!!! happy to hear you have recovered 🙂 we were lost in the COSMOs without you 🙂 🙂

  5. awesome this video is what i needed! thank you sir!!! although tonight i gotta go sleep so will watch tomorrow!!

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