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ATOM 2.0: Why the Founder of Cosmos Opposes a Proposal to Improve $ATOM Utility

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ATOM 2.0 is the latest and greatest development to come out of Cosmos as of late. It proposes an updated roadmap for $ATOM, the token housed on the Cosmos Hub. So why does the very creator of Cosmos, the visionary behind BFT Proof-of-Stake itself, vehemently oppose this new roadmap for the Cosmos Hub? We explore what’s at stake for the future of Cosmos, what are the good parts of Prop 82, as well as legitimate criticisms of some bad parts that have a rising number of people concerned. There’s a lot to unpack and if you’re unsure about how to vote or would like to think deeper about what’s being proposed, then this episode is for you!

Also, is Jae Kwon officially back in action? Stay tuned…

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  1. This guy sounds like he's making things up as he goes. Sort of nervous to be an ATOM holder after this interview 😬

  2. Wo this interview pervided a lot of clarity on why so many are voting NoWithVeto. This interview was much needed for the community. THANKS GUYS.


  4. Insightful perspectives and maybe the most laxed I’ve experienced Jae in an interview. You’re always respectful, direct and unbiased… humanity, tech and code first! Thank you Chjango 🖤

  5. We need a discussion on how to stop the misuse of the No with Veto system. Because if the no's cannot get the majority vote, they can game the veto system to win through minority and burn/punish the proposer for winning the vote.

  6. What Jae Kwon says at the end is very illuminating. He is saying only the leader should decide what happens in the Cosmos Hub…

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