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The next step of your DeFi game is to use automation tools and advanced strategies to maximize returns. Maria from the QDAO DeFi team reviews the automated yield aggregator Autofarm, using our Q DeFi Rating platform.

👉 An overview of the Q DeFi Rating platform and what information you can find there
👉 General information about Autofarm: blockchains, total value locked, etc.
👉 What the benefits are of using a yield aggregator
👉 What makes Autofarm the cheapest yield optimizer on Binance Smart Chain and the HECO network
👉 What Turbo vaults are and what are their benefits
👉 An overview of AUTO, Autofarm’s native token and how the project maintains the price
👉 Autofarm’s automated and crowd rated score on the Q DeFi Rating platform and how to share your thoughts on the project
👉 What Chat ‘Uncensored’ is

Autofarm is a yield farming aggregator built on Binance Smart Chain and the Huobi ECO chain (HECO). It provides auto-compounded yields and charges the lowest fees on BSC and HECO. All APYs and APRs displayed on the platform already include fees.

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