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$AVAX 2022 Price Predictions – Will Avalanche go up to $250+ or down to below $10???

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$AVAX Avalanche 2022 Price Prediction when considering active $AVAX users… This video has it all. Find the links mentioned in the video at the bottom of this description!

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A token like $AVAX will drive its value by real people using it.

Let’s consider $AVAX’s monthly active users (MAU) over the past year.

August 2021 | 90k MAU
May 2022 | 502k MAU halfway through May….

What is the PRICE difference between those months?

August 2021 | $55.35 (highest)
May 2022 | $28.97 (05/18 – time of tweet)

Over 5x the active users, and $ AVAX is half the price… What do we make of this?

Sure – there has been some inflation, but not enough to account for the coin price per user…

August 2021: 0.61
May 2022: 0.05

That ratio was 12x better only 7 months ago… and we’re only halfway through May, meaning that ratio has even HIGHER of a discrepancy. And those… And those users could be all selling $AVAX vs. all buying and a ton of people selling vs a smaller amount only buying will show much different ratios of coin price per user.

BUT thats not the point of this analysis… the POINT is that only 90k MAU supported the price of $55 per $AVAX.

Let’s think about what happens if there is a change in sentiment. If everyone turned bullish then the price of AVAX truly does start to go to the moon.

In sum – there is a TON of potential manpower to push $AVAX up.

BUT – theres a catch: We’re facing the worst crypto-sentiment of all time.

Let’s count the woes on crypto on the horizon…
1. Interest Rates will continue to rise over 2022
2. A war is ongoing
3. Consumers will struggle with inflation
4. And more…

So what’s my prediction for $AVAX?

$AVAX has proven its a top-dog. It’s a top-10 coin with a lot of eyeballs on it – and a TON of people that have used it.

Long Term – $AVAX has a place in the crypto space. That means big long term gains at the current prices.
Short Term – We’ll see a continued drop. This year will be a lot of volatility.

Watch the full video to listen to all considerations!!! Hope that you enjoyed the video.


DeFi Whale Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDeFiWhale

AVAX Stats: https://stats.avax.network/dashboard/network-activity/
AVAX Website: https://www.avax.network/

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  1. I think there's a slim chance we go anywhere under $24. Avax has shrugged off some serious market news to hang around $30 and it would take something enormous to drop even further to give us that prime entry point.
    We'll see what grand daddy bitcoin does over the next couple of months though, since avax can be said to have 2.5x of btc's potential in upward price movement from here

  2. Too many eyes on some of these major horizontal levels/ma. We either cling to the scrubbiest of supports and bull trap before the next capitulation. Or this market shits the bed hard…..no in between like oh 20k has to hold or 200 wma has to hold

  3. Do you think that a possible migration of LUNA developers to AVAX is in the cards?

  4. Amazing work again. Ty for the video. I don’t think anyone knows the future with any coin except for BTC and eth. I think we are all investing in coins to make gains I think AVAX is one them as well. Dcaing is a great way to do it. Ty again for the video.

  5. Active user stats are no longer trustworthy because of the so called "Sybil attacks" where multiple wallets interact with contracts just to collect potential future rewards, like the Uniswap airdrop.

  6. I like how you are honest and give pros cons and what could be price indicators, definitely gonna hold out for $20 a AVAX 😉

  7. Great analysis! Looking forward to some great buying opportunities later this year.

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