Aventus – AVT Token

Aventus is a layer-2 blockchain protocol that brings scalability, lower costs, and speed to Ethereum transactions.

Ethereum has scalability issues that make it a victim of its own success. As the blockchain network of choice for most businesses, its maximum transaction throughput is wildly insufficient in meeting demand. The economics of supply and demand have thus skyrocketed transaction fees making them prohibitively expensive.

The Aventus Network (AvN) solves that problem by letting businesses build on top of the Ethereum network with Aventus’ second-layer protocol. With the AvN, applications can easily work with any other promising blockchain tech, cross-chain, by plugging into the Polkadot ecosystem, building on Substrate.

What Makes Aventus Unique?

Aventus is built from the ground up to be enterprise-grade, appealing to large partnerships requiring millions of annual transactions. What’s more, building on Substrate, Aventus is designed as a layer-2 not just for Ethereum, but for Polkadot and beyond, with the goal of enabling mass blockchain adoption through cross-chain functionality. Aventus gives enterprises the scale, speed, and cost they need, while maintaining security, across multiple blockchain networks.

Benefits of Aventus


The Aventus Network (AvN) can theoretically scale to 2,000 transactions per second. This is 133 times more than Ethereum.


The average transaction cost on the Aventus Network will begin at just $0.01 (paid in AVT) and decrease over time. This is 99% cheaper than the average Ethereum transaction fee over the past year.


The AvN will process a token transfer within 0.13 seconds. This is 100 times faster than the Ethereum blockchain.

Enterprise Grade

The AvN will onboard a minimum of 8.5 million client transactions that have been active in private test networks throughout the past year.

Key Use Cases

  • Financial Assets
  • Supply Chains
  • Rewards and Loyalty
  • Live Entertainment
  • NFTs
  • Data Integrity
  • Decentralised Applications
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