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Hi this is Mike and in this video we’re going to talk about another count for Bitcoin now trading Bitcoin the other day made me really think about how Bitcoin expands right because knowing the waves is one thing but understanding the kind of momentum that expands these waves so much in a

Way that I’ve never seen before it really hit home right it really rattled the foundation of how I look at waves right in terms of why why am I seeing a particular pattern the way that I’m seeing it thinking more along the lines of when I

Created RS wave was more in the FX Market the most expanded thing I was looking at then was the Dow Jones but then seeing how much energy and power are behind these moves it made me think about the whole move up from the beginning and so I started right from scratch and

I thought okay let’s have a look let’s look for expanded type 2 zigzags right and let’s see what we come up with along the way because that means I have to go through every single wave possible in order to try and understand what’s going to happen moving forward

So the first thing I noticed here was an expansion for this move right now it’s easy for me to just say oh this is a one expanded you know this is a two expanded blah blah blah four five and I thought no no no the way I saw

Price expanding that day when I was Trading that big move up recently I saw something a lot different so in this video I’m going to focus on not only the expansion of corrections but the momentum and the type of weakness that we see towards the top of

The range compared to the strength at the bottom of the range because according to this count Wave 3 started from zero all right whatever one two was I believe it was a zigzag and a correction right and then we got two at the bottom right

That not two as in this is you know one two three no no no no just watch so here we have a then we have an A and then we have the large b a c a d and an e so for me five waves after that it could

Be one of two things it could be uh you know one two or it could be something else so what would what would it take for me to think you know this is one and then is it two and then a three well it’s all about the size of the moves and also

Paying attention to the momentum right so momentum started off strong at the lows Right started off strong here but then it kind of went a bit like this it was a longer move but still the momentum was a bit different right so for me this is an ABC expanded zigzag

I would say more than likely wave three okay wave three now why would I suggest that well that’s because of the momentum and also because if this was a way of one right here we’d see something stronger that would indicate something different but instead this is indicating to me

Especially because it fell out of this channel I want to talk about this part right here okay so this is another example of how I got a very wrong but I do remember having this count once but I couldn’t even convince myself at the time that it

Was even a thing it looks stupid and impossible right to call this a b wave was insanity but the thing is that I can’t really call I can’t really call this whole thing a b wave anymore right because I’ve seen too many things at the small degree that I’ll cover in a sec

First of all I want to talk about this B wave here it’s a sharp type 2 expander zigzag and I’ve seen them a lot lately in my latest Euro update I actually Point these out they happen where a lot of people call them textbook five-way moves I remember reading comments on the Euro

Back when it went up for the 2017 run they called it a textbook five wave move but the thing is that it’s not why because the subdivisions don’t don’t approve of that all right so let me tell you what I see here when I look at this pattern right

First of all I see a five-way move up right and then I see an a and then it’s like well what happened after that right and that’s when I started to realize that there’s a b c expanded d right and an e yes we got a longer C wave

But the thing is that the the types of moves that are in between they suggest that that’s correct because a five wave move is not a correction and the first move is a five wave move first move is a five wave move right and I can’t say that anything in between that

Is a correction either right so therefore I’m stuck in this situation where I’m like making sense of these things and going back to basics to do what I used to do when I first came up with RS wave was to look at the the waves either side Okay

Cool so then I took a dis look at this move a weak C wave another type 2 expanded zigzag for wave D and then an e right so that to me told me okay cool well that that that means that the next move is a five-way move so I checked it

Out and it checked out pretty good right right so I’ll switch over to the other chart all right now there is some labeling that you might find interesting or not but I’m just going to skip to the part that I’m talking about for this example right so five wave move here

For me was one two three okay so at the top you see right you see you’re seeing a three wave move and a three wave move now that only happens at the start of a correction and then we saw this five wave move down so bringing back the idea of the d e

Pattern that suggests to me that that is definitely a de pattern and I can’t unsee that maybe it’s not part of the bigger correction but it seems to be part of this move so to me this was a five wave move from 2020 right up to

Here now at the top here you see that there is a three and a three to me that is the same thing we saw here if you pay attention to the waves and you if you look clearly and just open your mind up for a moment you could see that there’s two three-way

Two zigzags and up the top here there’s two zigzags this to me is a clue that and this is what I saw first so this is what led me all the way back to the beginning because I started to realize that what I’m seeing is not I’m dismissing it right just like I’m

I’ve dismissed things in the past but now I have to pay attention to these things because of their Clues so to me this was the the first part of a correction for the you know wave four and now this next part is the part of Correction for something else right so

That then took me back to the idea that we are in a week five wave move from the lows we can’t see wave one and completely two but we can see a whole bunch of other stuff going on here that’s giving us Clues right so what’s going on after that now we need

To be really careful how we’re looking at this because I think that this is where we’re going to get wrecked if we’re not careful we’re going to have a lot of problems here okay so we need to make sense now that we know what we know about the top

We need to try and make sense of this okay so I thought okay could this be a c d e and I thought that looks interesting however what about the fact that there’s not a complete five wave move here right you know you can you could say that

There’s a five wave move in here but that means that we’re lacking something right so here there’s a five wave move but then what’s this down here right so to me the only thing if I’m going to call this whole move a five wave move like I was intending on doing before

Then I need to be careful that I’m actually counting a five wave move rather than just trying to make up stories and go with the flow right so for me if I’m going to look at this is not just a you know a d a zigzag because

To to be honest with you it’s very choppy and weird that there’s something I need to do in order for me to not think that this is a d wave and it’s simply just put the d-wave hasn’t happened yet right so I can say that this is a five

Wave move down if I call this a c wave right so what does that mean it means that we haven’t seen d-wave yet d-wave is not in this structure because you have a one two three well you could say there’s a four and a five down here somewhere right to me

It’s it’s a it’s definitely a weird type of move um so let’s sort of go a bit deeper and have a look at it right so from here if I had to say what’s this okay I could see five wave movie the side I can see a b c d e potentially that

Makes that a zigzag a and then this whole thing down I’ve already looked at it many times I had to call it a b c d e five wave move at the end very small five-way move at the end fair enough I’ve seen it many times on

Bitcoin charts that it to me it’s it’s really it’s not a big deal I don’t like it but it’s not a big deal right so let’s keep that one in the back of our mind because at the moment that’s the only thing that to me is a little bit weird

Now the other thing that’s going on here that we need to talk about is this move right I think it’s deceptive as hell and we need to be really careful about it because if we’re expecting a d wave what’s the one thing that causes us to think that the trend is going to

Continue it’s a d wave okay so in terms of timing we’re going to talk about how this is going to lead lead us into what’s coming next and I I need to be really careful here but at least we can understand one thing the cryptos move a lot more than the Euro does

So in getting ready for this bull market that’s coming we need to be careful that we’re actually trading the right thing that we think we’re trading right so what about in terms of potentially this could be part of a wave four well that’s a bit of a tough one because

We’ve already broken a trend line and if I’m to continue to assume that this is a CDE pattern I think potentially a I could be barking up the wrong tree however let’s just see what what happens when when I talk this out right because

I look at the end of the day if that’s possible then some some way somehow it’s going to reveal itself um because there’s only so much that this pattern can do before it actually starts to uh not be the move that’s going to go back to the all-time highs right now I

Know I’ve got this d-wave there just ignore that I’ll get rid of it so it doesn’t distract you so we have a one right okay fair enough maybe a two a three uh do we have a complete four here really think about that does it make

Sense do we try to Wrangle this into um you know a complete correction with a tiny little wave five at the bottom look I think we we could be barking up the wrong tree here I need to be really careful about this if I’m to say that this could be a CDE pattern

Then I need to just answer one question first before I get to that so you know how we’ve been talking about expanded zigzags quite a bit right now there’s something on this chart that’s really bothering me and I find it a little bit disturbing to say the least

All right now over here we have okay at the highs you can see that we had this you know big zigzag looking thing at the top there that really it’s striking a little bit of a chord with me so to me it’s kind of like uh

What what the hell is going on here a little bit weird so let’s just say for example let’s take this count for a minute right because to say that this is part of this it’s not so let’s try to rectify what we’re looking at here first

What about if this is an A B C D E and that’s wave five there right that makes a little bit more sense and I think that’s something to look into because that looks like the most impulsive part of the move down the lows there okay so let’s get this thing out

The way let’s look at it like that for now when wave one and three are similar in length or whatever wave one is the five is the shortest that’s possible okay that’s fine so here I want to talk about this this thing that is uh driving me a little bit uh cuckoo

Right so okay d-wave typically is a a breakout wave right but D wave down the low I think that potentially we could see the same thing we saw at the highs with the de pattern okay remember this d e pattern here right I think that we could see something similar to this happen

In the not too distant future right just just to bottom out okay now what makes me think this and what what what’s my my backup my claim to back up my claim okay so the first thing I want to look at here is at the bottom we have this five

Wave move we have an a a b a c right where’s the D is the D in here somewhere is it mixed up where’s the e I don’t know but I think that potentially uh what we’re looking at here is something more like an expanded d-wave within a d wave

Similar to what happened in xlm right so if that’s the case then how the hell do we uh you know rationalize that well I think that wave one started here wave three kind of went from the lows up to here and then we saw wave five so

We saw potentially wave five so a five wave move up to here right I think that what we saw after that was oh sorry it’s up to was it there or there I think it was there and then we saw an A B C d

And then this thing was a five wave move in the end I think right I believe it could be especially because we had that zigzag looking thing up there then we had another zigzag here and then we had that week five wave move before the plummet so I think the last move wasn’t

Meant to be as long as it ended up being but it was so potentially this could be an e wave right and then what we’re seeing is an expansion for the rest so basically a move that’s similar in length to to this one coming up here like this okay

So I’m gonna have to go through these waves again and see if this is true or not I’m not sure uh therefore what that could possibly mean is that after we see maybe this um move down for E we could see another move up to complete the move

Right and even though wave a was small it doesn’t mean that it can’t get longer at the end because we’ve seen that happen before right we’ve seen it happen where um you know these uh C waves extend right it happened in the big wave three the one I showed you earlier it’s happened

Uh many times right even happened back in the example that I showed you right uh right back here in the B wave right if I’m to say that this is an expanded uh wave B well look how small the Wave A was and look how big the wave

C was right these things almost look like five wave moves right but the thing is it’s the momentum that causes them it’s not it’s not exactly following strict rules In Waves it’s the momentum so for me the only clue I have that’s any better than anyone else’s is the

Understanding of how the little patterns at you know the small patterns in between what they mean type of thing right that’s the only Advantage I have really I don’t have any other advantage so for me this type of uh expansion in these like corrective patterns are the

Ones that sort of point to this type of thing so look at this point in time it doesn’t mean much but if this is a d wave I don’t think the e-wave is going to be terribly long okay now we know xlm still has to make a little

Another low right so if that’s the case and as the Euro corrects in anticipation for this next bull market right um look I wouldn’t be surprised if we did see a little bit of chop to the downside or whatever to make it look like it’s going down before it

Reverses and goes back up right so I’ll post more detailed analysis on this but I just wanted to show you what I believe could happen before we take off because as a Trader I need to know what I’m Trading right because I trade small degree moves right in anticipation for longer moves

But if it’s not going to keep going up like we all think that could be a problem right the other thing to understand is that when I said that the c-wave can expand well that that’s there

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In this video I dive the deep every single wave to make sure that I am not missing anything.

I am still processing what I have learnt about the way Bitcoin moves.

We have to be really careful with this type of volatility because it could fake you out.

That’s why recently I have been working harder to improve the quality of my analysis.

I don’t care if this is the millionth time that I post about it, it needs to be done.

What happened the other day made me question so many things about what I am seeing.

It is a long video but if you want to truly understand what is going on in the bigger picture you will need to watch all of it.

I will be posting a price prediction for Bitcoin for the next bull run shortly based on this count which will be the minimum expectation.

Considering how Bitcoin behaves, we can almost expect to be surprised but that comes with a caveat.

I will explain more about this as I develop the analysis further.

The clues in this video though should get you thinking more in terms of waves because of the fine detail and the clues they reveal.

Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

If you don’t know the long term pattern shouldn’t you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial adviser; I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

***AriasWave is not the same as Elliott Wave so your counts may differ to mine if you happen to use it.***


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