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AWS DMS (Data Migration Service) Step by Step Tutorial (Migrate data from Aurora to S3 & DynamoDB)

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In this hands-on step by step tutorial, we will see as to how we can use AWS DMS (Data Migration Service) to migrate data from Aurora mySQL to S3 as well as to DynamoDB. Also, demonstrated is the Chandra Data Capture (CDC) features of DMS to stream source data changes to the DMS target(s).

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Things that you will learn in this tutorial :
1. How to create a DMS Replication Instance
2. How to create & prepare DMS Endpoints
3. How to create DMS Replication Tasks
4. How to Launch Aurora mySQL and access it via a Bastion Server
5. Security Groups & IAM Roles required for DMS

Here are links to a couple of mySQL client softwares :
Sqlectron : https://www.electronjs.org/apps/sqlectron
mySQL Workbench : https://www.mysql.com/products/workbench/

Here are links to considerations with S3 & DynamoDB as DMS Targets :

Here is how, you can set the binlog retention for mySQL :
call mysql.rds_set_configuration(‘binlog retention hours’, 24);


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  1. really nice work , detailing of each and every step is appreciated . looking forward for new videos .

  2. Hello Sir. Nice work and it is really helpful! Could you tell me how much will it cost for the mentioned setup? And what will be the cost for keeping it running for 2-3 days?

  3. Hi Sir ..very nice video..could you please share the link of the other video which you said about basic idea of DMS video

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