Axie Infinity interview | The Future of Sky Mavis' Massive Metaverse Game

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Sky Mavis has raised $152 million at a nearly $3 billion valuation to help grow its Axie Infinity “play-to-earn” game. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trading and battling game that is partially owned and operated by its players. Axie is currently the leader in blockchain gaming, having already created a massive community, it’s own Ronin Wallet, and crypto exchange (Katana). On this 2022 update, we’re discussing Axie’s future, economy, metaverse, and the release on RON token.

Guest: Aleksander Leonard Larsen Co-Founder & COO Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity)
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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 Sky Mavis
00:03:37 Play-To-Earn Adoption
00:07:29 Developers
00:09:45 Axie Economy
00:16:02 Lunacian Express Event
00:19:11 PlayToEarn vs Play&Earn
00:25:37 Onboarding Improvements
00:29:52 Moving from 2D to 3D
00:30:56 Builders Program
00:35:20 Axie MOBA and Squid Game
00:36:27 Social Features
00:39:31 Bridging The Metaverse
00:45:56 Decoupling From Crypto Markets
00:47:59 Katana Updates
00:50:17 Ronin Bridge
00:51:03 AXS Staking Rewards
00:53:35 Legacy Game Studios
00:55:07 Importance of Transparency
00:58:14 Learning From Other Crypto Games
01:00:44 Partnerships & Cloud Gaming

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~Axie Infinity interview | The Future of Sky Mavis’ Massive Metaverse Game~
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  1. Lol, you are out of touch with Axie Community. Axie Infinity is definitely not the leader of blockchain gaming anymore(Axie devs being arrogant because they were first in NFT gaming market). This is what's wrong with the Axie devs, having delusion of grandeur that there game is so great that they cannot even see their own faults. Axie players right now are trying to get out of the game and recover their investment as much as they can. Axie Infinity is dead, due to devs shooing away their investors with updates that doesn't help them and stating that that is a game first and not an investment(although you have to invest first before you can play.)

  2. too bad actually Infinity support refuses to help me after updating from Windows 10 to Windows 11 I'm able to play the game I'm able to see my account and all of my axes however I'm not able to move or transfer funds no matter what I do support just kept repeating the same automated messages and then told me they can't help me and my money will be gone and it's nearly $20K. very disappointed

  3. last few months have been shaky, but i am cautiously optmistic. biggest bull flag for me is the builder program.

  4. He is so excited about hiring "top talent" from the best Vietnamese universities, which is a low IQ country with universities ranking among the worst in the world. I have long suspected this issue is at the root of the company's authoritarian dealings against the game community and their utter failure to deliver.

    Remember when masses got banned for having their system clocks inaccurate while their engineers failed to properly shut off access to the game while they were doing maintainance?

  5. Really enjoy all your content and how you deliver information. A calming voice in this crazy Crypto world. 🙂

  6. Scholars are earning money by selling their SLP into the hands of new investors that are speculating that the price of SLP will go up.

    Investors lose their money.

    Ponzi Game.

  7. Iove Paul. But before you invest on axie do your research first. Alot of players in the Axie are scholars. With the developers not really able to solve the problem of burning of SLP i think the game will be taken over right now Pegaxy is slowly taking away players from this game. It has always been an investment first game and right now players are not really earning enough to stay.

    Even if you put burning mechanism i dont see scholars spending their SLP to purchase game items, improve their teams. All that brings burden to managers who are also just wanting to get ROI back. in reality Scholars would rather sell SLP to cover day to day expenses, Rent Electricity, Internet Bills and Food.

  8. 2.5 million daily players? Currently??
    Lies 🤨
    Hopefully other games will learn from your failures.
    Oh…BTW…. Transparency doesn't mean we want to know your poop schedule, Psycho 🙄

  9. Happens with Elon Musk, his transparency is so immense people know how long he sleeps a day and asks him to sleep more.

  10. TCG world will be the metaverse to be in. 4k graphics, 800sq kilometre land mass, Get in early, its exploding at the moment. SAND and MANA have nothing on TCG World, check it out

  11. They were there first the game is not that good, I expect gods unchained to take this spot in the near future

  12. Woow amazing interview! Learned soo much about the gaming and metaverse industry and where we are going… very impressed with this guy's in-depth knowledge and thinking processes… TY so much for this info <3

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