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Baby Doge Coin Major Listings Coming Soon?

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What’s going on everyone it’s Marcellus back with another video we’re gonna go over baby Doge in a few updates that we’ve gotten on the social media platforms about baby does but anyways before we even get started with that definitely hit the like button and subscribe remember I’m not a financial

Advisor none of this is financial advice leave a comment in the comment section and definitely check out my other channel Marcellus Clips if you want to see the short clips from this Channel and also become a member of the channel if you want to support the channel but

Let’s get straight to it let’s talk about baby Doge so before we even go over the technical analysis I want to go over a few other things that’s been happening with baby Doge so we’re not down too bad right now just 1.4 percent so that’s pretty good right there and

You can see our holders are still going up so now we’re at one million 695 167 holders and with this many holders we’re almost at 1.7 million so that’s a really big achievement for us a lot of crypto projects could never get this far now also over here you can see we’re also

Doing some celebrations here point zero one percent swap fees this weekend for the Bitcoin to BNB pay there so yeah that’s pretty cool right now they’re celebrating the Bitcoin breaking out we have lowered our swap fees to 0.1 percent for Bitcoin and we’ll lower it this weekend to point zero one percent

The lowest in D5 so that’s pretty cool is the Bitcoin to BNP BNB pair so that’s pretty cool right there now also moving on from this we can see over here that baby doge is also the top for BNB chain projects with the highest bullish sentiment we’re always the highest for

Bullish sentiment but we’re higher than Rich quack pancake swap gal x uh Galaxy and they were higher than safe Moon flow key C defy or higher than all of these coins right so I really do like bigger by the way but yeah we’re higher than all these

Coins I know Floki English not got posted on to um whatever you call it who coin but still we could get posted on a coupon next but we’re going to talk about a tease that we keep getting here with baby notes after this right here so this

Is the baby Doge and a math wallet collaboration now so yeah baby doe swap is now and top popular D apps on math wallet so that’s pretty good right there they have 553 000 followers they’re one of the largest crypto D5 while it’s out there so multi-chain crypto wallet for

Three million users 100 plus blockchains this is huge for us so it’s really big for us I think I might just go ahead and get math wallet because I think math wallet might be a good choice they even accept thicker on there so I think math

Wallet might be a good choice to have for you know crypto for a crypto default app for my crypto wallet so that’d be pretty cool to have you could also see over here baby don’t swap just chilling there on the math wallet right there but moving on from this let’s talk about the

Binance t’s we know we know we know when are we going to get listed the binance when binance this is literally what would make us just pump straight out the waters and straight to the Moon from here so we really need to see some gains

From you know just getting up to 61 or something and if we need to see that Finance is what’s going to bring us there or Coupe coin listing us or or you know any of these platforms listen baby Doge any of these crypto centralized exchanges now as you

Can see babydolls continues to trade on finance let’s go and see where we are at so we are number two here on binance so that’s pretty cool right there and we’re literally above Bitcoin on binance we’re above almost everything right now on binance for trending and then you can

Also see over here there was a post for us on on the binance feed that was written as well so this is pretty cool as well this is just the whole pulse we’re not going to go through the post they’re just talking about how we’ve been increasing your price and all that

Good stuff so we’re not going to actually read it all but yeah this is on the binance fee so we’re on there and also we’re going to be listing on the economy so this is an exchange out there uh economy as you can see here leading um is a

Global digital asset trading platform with 350k plus verified users and 100 plus countries so they’re um a little small exchange out there but you know they’re really they’re listening that’s why yes it’s good for us I would say they’re medium they are a Canadian exchange so here’s the deal they’re

Doing right now maybe those coin listing benefits share Tesla uh model X and 10 trillion baby those so hey that’s pretty cool right there let’s see who gets that but uh let’s move on from this moving on through the economy and their little baby Doge competition that they’re going

To be having for the listing of baby Doge but moving on from there Friday smart chain we are literally the top highlight on binary smart chain for the biggest community on Twitter for the finance smart chain that is pretty big we are literally on top for this I don’t

See anything else passing this so pancakes swap I mean they have so much more lots and total value Lots like total money but we have so many so much more support than pancake swap like as a community our community is stronger than the pancake swap Community because it’s

More like a community so moving on from this let’s go ahead and go over baby Doge swap big shout out to everyone out there that watched the video also hit the like button and subscribe this is the Marcellus Clips channel on this channel we will be continuing growth and

I will continue to put the clips to all the videos on this channel just in case you don’t want to watch the long form content so definitely check that out let’s get this channel to a thousand subscribers and plus and Beyond and stay tuned for another video

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