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Baby Doge Coin Soon To Rise During BULL MARKET? Road To 100X | EP. 105

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What’s going on everyone it’s Marcellus back with another video today we gotta talk about baby Doge we’re just going to talk about some numbers and prices here with baby Doge and do some price prediction action here with baby Doge but anyways hit the like button and subscribe remember I’m not a financial

Advisor none of this is financial advice leave a comment in the comment section and let me know what you all want me to go over next and also don’t forget to come over here to crypto for the crypto millionaires merch we have so much different stuff over here from King

Bitcoin shirts to crypto millionaire established in 2023 search for a manifestation purposes then we got crypto Vibe search meme coin millionaire shirts we got everything we have joggers yes for men and women we have everything so definitely come over here to crypto millionaires dot shop and get you some

Of this merch now let’s start off here with baby Doge because we just now actually went down below this support line here and actually we’re still below it we went down to 22.50 support that it’s 8z 2250 so yeah we just now went down the support so that’s pretty

Important because like I said the next support for us to hit with baby doge is down here at about 2100 so that’s what it’s looking like it’s heading towards now that’s a possibility but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to go all the way down there because

Everything else in the crypto Market you know in general is either moving sideways or up a little bit so you know everything’s kind of taking a little break and baby doge is doing the same thing baby dose is also taking a break from the pumping so you can see baby

Doge is down 1.4 percent in the last 24 hours so it’s completely normal because everything’s taking a break from this pump we’ve been having huge major pumps in the crypto Market but remember how the crypto Market goes typically Bitcoin pumps and then money flows from Bitcoin into every other cryptocurrency so you

Can see here Bitcoin last seven days 27 Bitcoin has been pumping and now all the money from Bitcoin when it gets to its peak is going to flow down into all coins so you got to look at it like that and yeah that’s pretty much how things

Go here in the crypto market so we’re just waiting for um Bitcoin to do its thing because you know everything’s gonna work out for all the other altcoins and baby knows is pretty established you know so there’s a lot there’s a lot going on with baby Doge

But I still believe that baby dose has the possibility to break past all of this negative you know talk and a lot of people are talking about how baby does you know still not pumping blah blah blah blah blah everything else is going up but maybe those are going down

Actually in general everything else is actually going down as well if you look at it there’s more red here than there is green I mean polygon is down 5.2 percent in the last 24 hours everything’s generally down right now there’s just a few cryptos here and

There that are up so it’s not even like they’re down because if you look at the last seven days everything’s doing very well in the last seven days you know everything’s pretty much doing good in the last seven days even baby those is up 5 point three percent in the last

Seven days so it’s not like everything is inside the red right but anyways well I’ll keep following baby knows and I’ll show you all exactly what’s coming up next for baby Doats because you know baby dolls has some interesting stuff like the game but all we need is some

Good news in order for us to actually have a nice pump coming up here for baby Doge but like I said even if we do get above this uh resistance now because our support becomes our resistance so now that we’re going to use this as a

Resistance once we get above it we got a lot of uh low demand areas here to get past all the red areas so we’re supplying Demand with low demand so we need to get past the low demand areas here with baby does so that’s pretty

Much what we need to do here but uh moving on for maybe those looking at Bitcoin for a second here because remember everything’s gonna follow Bitcoin in the end Bitcoin actually is bouncing off of this support so now we’re going all the way up here so we

Bounced off this 27k support and then we ran all the way up to 28k this is very important because if we pass this 28k resistance or yeah 28k resistance and get all the way up to about 30k like that is the inflection point we’re like okay we’re definitely bullish like if we

Get past 28k to 30k and actually get past 30k that is a bullish confirmation right and now we’re even looking over here it says it lasts 24 hours the 24-hour market control is in control by the pools by 100 so it shows that we’re 100 bullish so yeah we just came off of

The selling wave here on the oscillator it looks like it’s about to curve upwards into another buying wave so this actually might be the buying wave that gets us past 28.5 K and then eventually up higher and if this actually happens then you already know what comes next

For Bitcoin that 30k resistance is coming soon like this is coming fast now we did have some bearish signals here right and uh we did see that selling happen like coming after the uh bear signals we’ve seen the downtrend signal but now we’re kind of going back up

After that downtrend signal and after this bearish signal here on the oscillator because you see we had a huge overbuying area and then the buying slowed down dramatically and now what you’re seeing here is the selling wave probably you’ve got to start enemy and now we’re probably gonna start seeing

Buying waves coming in for Bitcoin so this is pretty good for us you know this is pretty good we just gotta wait and see what happens next but 30k is a huge huge resistance area for Bitcoin so we got to get past 30k and it like I I

Would say we’re pretty much already confirmed inside of a bull market like just looking at just based off this purely based off this I would say we’re already in a bull market like I said I’m not a financial advisor none of this financial life but yeah this is even

Like the crypto bull market now so I don’t know how long this bull market will last but it’s definitely looking very very bullish we’re back at 28k now but yeah moving on from Bitcoin here let’s talk about baby Doge some more so as I said before you know we’re only

Down 1.8 in the last 24 hours on baby Doge not too bad at all and uh yeah baby dose is still doing fairly well um over here our holders going up a little bit uh right now one million 700 11 906 holders pretty good stuff there and

Today we’re also supposed to be getting this uh release date for our game they’re going to be announcing the game pretty much I don’t know if they’re gonna announce the actual release date for the game but they’re going to be announcing the game so this is pretty

Cool we’re gonna see what the game’s like hopefully it’s a good game they haven’t announced it yet so that’s why I have I can’t really talk about it till they announce it but um over here you could uh hopefully this is it uh the game I don’t know what this is uh Euclid

It says uh Dear baby dose Army and let’s celebrate this looks like a math game but it just looks like a little competition they’re doing for the baby dojo me for March 20th to March 25th so it says over here let’s celebrate with this little game for Happy Days Of

Happiness days 2023. so it says uh follow baby Doge follow babydoll Swap and follow you quid and then comment your answer and tag three friends and then retweet with happiness 2023 equals baby hashtag baby nose RV shopping like billionaires on Euclid shop so they’re doing a little game here trying to find

Out this last equation here so that’s pretty much what they’re doing so yeah shout out to them for uh helping baby those out I guess uh helping the baby those people out there but yeah there’s some people out here that actually did the math problem which is

Pretty cool so this is the math problem they said so they actually found out the math problem so that’s pretty cool uh but yeah moving on from this though let’s talk about baby doll swap so we’re at 43 million dollars in liquidity so that’s pretty good right there um our

Volume at 24 hours in the last 24 hours since I found at 534 000. uh the last 24 hour burn for babydolls 4.9 trillion and yeah that’s a lot of uh Burns there and looking at the burn portal yeah 4.2 trillion I mean it lasts 24 hours for

Our Burns we’re now at 38.1 trillion inside of the uh total Baron on the burn portal so yeah I think we’re going to be getting up to 40 trillion before the first of April so that’ll be cool um yeah shout out to the baby dolls Army

Out there but uh also over here looking at my Farms because you know I sold my Farms inside all these videos um five point three million dollars in liquidity that’s five million three hundred eighty two thousand eighty nine eight hundred ninety one uh dollars in liquidity so that’s pretty good as well

Uh five dollars fifty five cents inside of sold baby deals earned from me right here um two point one one seven billion inside of coins right now I gotta Harvest and 158 dollars inside of baby those right here so that’s pretty much what my Farms are looking like here in

Baby dudes so happy there definitely and then over here we can see baby dolls at rank 132 uh 10.5 10 point fifteen percent down in the last 24 hours um yeah so that’s not too bad that’s not too bad I think that’s actually the last seven days ten point fifteen percent in

The last seven days but yeah we need to increase because all these other D5 apps you know are increasing so I want to see the D5 increasing here for baby Village because that’s that’s bad like we were doing so good and then everything else starts doing good and then we start

Doing bad like this is this has got to stop this happens too much with baby dudes I mean last year it happened to like every time everything else is going up baby dolls will start to go down and it’s crazy it’s crazy but I definitely want to see baby those go up with

Everything else because like this is this is just ridiculous like look at all this all these huge numbers money big money is Flowing inside of D5 right now I’m gonna tell you that right now we were at 44 billion now we’re at 49 billion so big money is getting in on D5

So you definitely don’t want to miss D5 opportunities out there but um anyways this is pretty much all I got for you all today definitely hit the like button and subscribe remember I’m not a financial advisor and then let’s find some flights leave a comment in the

Comment section let me know what you all want me to go over next and also I will make another update today for the game whenever they make that announcement and we’ll also be doing a live stream later on tonight so stay tuned for that and um also over here come to uh

Cryptomillionaires dot shop to check out the crypto millionaires merch crypto millionaires established the 2023 that’s what we’re doing here that’s the goals we’re becoming established crypto millionaires here in 2023 so definitely check this out it’ll look good on you it look good on me and look good on

Everybody we got clothing here for everybody so definitely check this out and like I said hit the like button subscribe and I’ll be back with another video

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