BBTF ( BlockBusters Token ) SafeMoon Hyperlaunch Rugpull? Safe? Bots?

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BlockBustersTech was the second token to ever go through the SafeMoon Hyperlaunch. I don’t think the team was prepared for the amount of volume that they initially received.

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In this video I will detail everything that has happened with the Hyperlaunch, and what their resolutions are for any users that potentially experienced technical issues.

That being said I believe the BBTF has secured most of the LP that was targeted, the token distributor has potentially been upgraded and the market is back to moving “normally”

I think with everything that happened this was still a successful Hyperlaunch.

Sure there were issues, but now the next token partners who will go through with it should understand the power of the #SafeMoonArmy. SafeMoon has a unique problem where it’s community is so powerful and they show up when requested that they often crash websites, and other services who partner with us.

It’s a learning experience and hopefully the next token partner can scale and distribute tokens as quickly as needed.This isn’t on SFM, it’s up to each company to provide their own hardware to operate these services.There’s always risk in every market, but what is more risky is not having a plan when you enter the market.Have you ever gone to the store for one thing and left after spending hundreds? You didn’t have a plan.Long term I really think that this could be a special project.I hope you enjoy my content, please don’t forget to Like and Subscribe. Many Youtubers post affiliate links, and push ads on their channel.I do not. I do it all for free out of my personal time. So do me a favor, pay your dues and just hit a few buttons.

TRACK #BBTF ON #safemoonswap:

Delays happen, but with the recent 100,000,000+ hack on a cross chain platform, I would rather wait and have #safemoonexchange and the rest of the products like #crosschain dropped when they’re ready.

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Here are some tips and tricks to help keep you safe on the way to the Moon.

Here’s a link to SafeMoon’s very active Discord:

Don’t forget their Twitter account & Mine:

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Do your own research, never invest more than what you’re willing to lose.

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I am excited about the future.


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