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Beach METAL DETECTING! | What's In The Sand Below Our Feet? | Minelab Vanquish 440 Metal Detector

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Have you ever wondered… What’s in the Sand Below Our Feet?


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  1. Another question. Next time with the Vanquish 440 could you show how to properly use the pinpoint function on the detector ? Thanks.

  2. Would you recommend this metal detector for all metal detecting? Beach, grass, dirt, tot lots to name a few places to metal detect. Also, what is the other metal detector that I have seen you use in your other videos? I can't remember what it is. I apologize. Love your videos.

  3. Hey Austin, you mentioned rusty balls. Please don't do that, I'm 70 and it hits too close to home 😂
    I've been doing a bit of notch testing with my 540. I think I like notching out 14-19
    and anything below 3. It's so much quieter and I've never found a good target from 14-19…plus, I'll never know if I miss something or not 😂 but it's so much quieter, even with sensitivity high.
    Again, thanks for the videos…

  4. I always feel bad when I haven't used my Vanquish in a while. Now my Nox coil is acting up so Vanquish will get LOTS of love.

  5. Good hunt! Cool finds! Luv seeing you use the vanquish. That machine is amazing.

  6. I just bought the vanquish 540 since my equinox flooded out recently so I bought the vanquish while my equinox is out for repair.

  7. Great hunt, especially the rusty balls 😂
    Hey, I'll be in Fl in Aug, hopefully trying my first beach hunt. Just bought a legend and I have an AT Pro

  8. just watched a so cal video and gold earring 14k rang up as a 1 on the vanquish. But i love your videos Austin. ive got about 1/4 of a 5 gal bucket filled with pull tabs and aluminum 🤣But hey, when i turn that in for scrap metal…that will be money too. That RnB battery pack lasts longer than my knees and back do🤣. In wisconsin, that sucker goes deep as well. I invested in a root slayer nomad shovel. pretty happy with it.

  9. Thanks for another good Vanquish video. What coast in Florida are you hunting ?

  10. 1st time out 2weeks ago, found same, g2+ tho
    Best -Regards over there👍🏻

  11. Congrats on the ring regardless if it’s silver or gold. A ring is a ring. Maybe I’ll walk behind you and dig the ones you skip


  13. Love my vanquish. I enjoy watching you swing it. And the legend. Thats probably my next detector.

  14. I still need to buy the 440 I myself have the 340 and 540.. But I Honestly think the 440 is the best out of all 3 from what I have seen on youtube. But I do like the 540 with the 8inch coil on it. They do hit deep and for the money you can not go wrong.. Nice little beach hunt.. See you on your next adventure

  15. 🤔 CURE FOR "RUSTY BALLS"……Put down the Metal Detector and find a Woman!!!! (😝)!!!!

  16. That target 🎯 you decided to pass up could well have been the target that makes your day!!!! 🧐

  17. 🤔 Hmmmmmm….. "What's under the sand?"……More sand? (😝)!!!! 🙄

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