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Beethoven X Fantom FTM Breakdown and Analysis

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Beethoven X is a leading DEX on the Fantom Block chain. It is a friendly fork on the Balancer protocol on Ethereum and uses cutting edge technology that allows for multi asset liquidity pools. This technology is a more efficient way of facilitating swaps and results in better price execution for users.

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Beethoven X is one of my favourite protocols in the Fantom $FTM ecosystem and in this video I discuss what whats the tech it is built on unique in the world of DEXs and ultimately why it has grown its market share dramatically since launching.

🔗 Useful Links 🔗

Video on Reaper Farm 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcuHmyJFV-A
Video on DEX Aggregators 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MBFp_l7NW0

Insider Info 👉 https://twitter.com/NickDrakon
Beethoven X App 👉 https://beets.fi/
Beethoven X Discord 👉 https://discord.gg/beethovenx
Beethoven X Twitter 👉https://twitter.com/beethoven_x
Beethoven X Docs 👉 https://docs.beethovenx.io/


⏲ Time Stamps ⏲
0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Agenda
4:20 – Order Books
5:24 – Automatic Market Making
6:30 – Liquidity Pools
12:40 – Multi Asset Pools
19:47 – Overview & Team
25:29 – Fees & Revenue
27:57 – Tokenomics
31:13 – Emissions Schedule
33:14 – Weighted Pools Farms
40:35 – Stable Pools Farms
42:15 – Swaps
46:47 – Analytics
48:50 – Flow Chart

📜 Disclaimer 📜

This video is for informational purposes only. Nothing contained shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial adviser or registered investment adviser. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss.

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  1. Hi Nick, have watched a number of your videos and they are brilliant. Just a question around Trading Fees on both Liquid Driver and Beethoven x – how do they work and where do they go? Is there any way of actually seeing them? On Beethoven a pool may say 5.7% in Trading Fees and 50.2% in Beets. The Beets are clearly visible and can be harvested, however the trading fees can be seen on the bar graph daily, but then I can’t see where they go. I assume it is back into the Pool, but how does that work? Thanks Ant

  2. Nick is a gem!! I am also super bullish on FTM and love his videos and his take on some of the best FTM protocols. Keep them coming Nick! Thanks for the awesome content!

  3. Great video thanks Nick. You explain things so well and you really know your stuff. Glad I came across your channel mate.

  4. If u pull out of the beets/ ftm pool do you lose your fbeets? I'm guessing you must do otherwise u could redeposit in the pool to create more. So u said that fbeets has been out performing beets so could u potentially sell the fbeets if they become more valuable than your LP?

  5. Amazing, way to shine some light on this for everyone. Very big fan of your stuff only seen this video so far.

  6. Came across your videos yesterday and you have been the best I've seen so far on explaining the various farming opportunities on Fantom. Your videos are packed with knowledge and presented in a well organized fashion that progresses in a logical manner, and most importantly you stay on topic. Please keep them coming.

  7. Great job on this. You've given an excellent introduction to how the foundational Balancer tech works. Can't wait to hear more about the amazing team, equally-amazing community, boosted pools, treasury management, governance (and the extensive governance decisions made by the community to date, outlined below), NFTs, gauges, and everything else.

    BIP 1: Proposal for Updated Protocol Fee Distribution, 28.10.2021

    BIP 2: Using Olympus Pro to gain DAO treasury owned liquidity 9.12.2021

    BIP 3: Proposal for fBEETS Gauge Mechanism 24.12.2021

    BIP 4: Farming Incentive Gauge Vote (round 1) 6.1.2022

    BIP 5: Farm LQDR using treasury assets 9.1.2022

    BIP 6: Voting mechanism for treasury fee 17.1.2022

    BIP 7: Farming Incentive Gauge Vote (round 2) 21.1.2022

    BIP 8: Joining the Balancer bug bounty program 27.1.2022

    BIP 9: Seeding Tarot BEETS vaults by treasury 27.1.2022

    BIP 10: Treasury Investment Vote (January 2022) 29.1.2022

    BIP 11: Treasury BEETS-USDC liquidity options 2.2.2022

    BIP 12: Farming Incentive Gauge Vote (round 3) 3.2.2022

    BIP 13: Continuing Olympus Pro bonding program 11.2.2022

    BIP 14: Treasury farming on Solidly 14.2.2022

    BIP 15: Farming Incentive Gauge Vote (round 4) 15.2.2022

  8. Your videos are fantastic, I even watch the ones of protocols I'm already familiar with because you do a great job strengthening my conviction on the fundamentals of the projects.

  9. Great job Nick. You explained Beets better than anyone could. Can't wait to hear your opinion on Bribes

  10. Great video once again! At 50:20 you say it's very easy to work out how often you should be harvesting. Do you have any tips on doing so? Because I'm not sure how to calculate it, other than simulating it in a spreadsheet.

  11. Impressive video, yet again brilliantly explained. Appreciate the effort and time you put in

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