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BEGINNERS PancakeSwap Front Run BOT. 1x to 10x BNB Profit | Updated 11/19/2021 [front runner bot]

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flash argent Airdrop
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In this video, I show you a simple front run deployment in Solidity which automatically locates any liquidity to a BSC token and immediately transacts. Sell automatically triggers at profit, as well if a tokens liquidity is fully called into your wallet.

NOTE: Current parameters of this contract is that 10% of profit automatically reenters the front-run pool, and automatically transacts back to your wallet 90% of the profit. The remaining pool keeps front running for profit, until you transaction “Action” function in Remix

NOTE: Token to select is Binance Smart Chain, Which utilizes the WBNB Pancakeswap router.

UPDATE: One disclaimer I may have missed is to recommend minimum 0.2BNB – 0.4BNB to avoid potential gas situation and tokens that have high burn parameters.

Get metamask:

Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain:

Access Remix:

Paste SmartContract in Remix:

Happy front-running
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