Behind the Scenes at ALGS Raleigh Documentary | TSM FTX Apex Legends (ImperialHal, Reps, Verhulst)

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#ALGS | As we prepare for the future we relive our journey at ALGS Raleigh 2022. Go behind the scene with @TSMFTX ImperialHal @TSMFTX Verhulst and @TSM FTX Reps as they reflect on their performance and look to the next big tournament.

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  1. Did you enjoy this video? 👍 Let us know what you want to see next on the channel in the replies! 👇

  2. this video was insane the editing and story telling was amazing. i can see people going back to in the future to see how much has changed and seeing good memories overall

  3. glad this was filmed more vlogs/behind the scenes from the travels would be great

  4. This is the most professional TSM video, it was clearly put together with purpose and vision, on par with documentary levels, good job

  5. Evan is the type of player that’s only going to get better the longer they play together everyone plays their role perfectly. Go TSM!!

  6. 青葉城西のジャージ着てるの好き。海外でも有名なのか?

  7. That's why TSM can't compete in AlGS tournaments anymore
    Cuz all pred players all crazy movement
    But in rank you can see TSM doing nuts
    Cuz they play against diamond players
    That's why I'm keep saying they have to fix the rank matchmaking Predators VS diamonds for real

  8. teared up bro, let's surprise people next year with a new and even crazier tsm!!

  9. Being at LAN was awesome. So many cheering for TSM. I agree with Hal, they mostly got unlucky for finals.

  10. Such a pleasure meeting everyone I did and giving the guys roses for their hard work. If there are one billion TSM fans I am one, if there are ten then I am one and if there are none…guess again cuz ITS ONE BABY!

  11. As someone who's followed hal from the start I loved fallout little speech there about him . Very well said

  12. TSMを見て本当にこのチームが好きになりました。これからも頑張ってほしい

  13. Really appreciate these videos, but we have to work on the video quality.
    The footage is really blurry even in the interview sections where the focus was on the walls and not on our boys.
    TSM forever though!

  14. Verhulst has come a long way as a pro player, ALGS will be next time around. Mans so humble

  15. Still with this not so good performance still managed to grab I think 7th place it was. Is still massive. Next time again TSM

  16. I love the fact that everyone talks about hal being the heart of the team but never forget to give reps his flowers

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