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Ben – BEN Crypto Technical Analysis & Price Prediction May 2023

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What’s going on everybody Welcome to Turning crypto today we’re going to be over Ben quinters up 42.3 so the deal has been finalized between ben.eth and bit boy today causing this rally to the upside we’ve been covering Ben since ben.eath did created a while ago when it

Was only available on uni Swap and with that you can see we’re up quite a bit we still have an extremely small market cap for being owned by you know bit boy in the bit bit Squad have a mark have only 55 million dollars so with that let’s

Get into the price prediction and technical analysis on Ben All right everyone let’s get to Ben so this is what we had drawn last time we’ve charted it so we had this bullish pennant playing out here this giant bullish pennant we were consolidating within it we broke to the upside definitely broke out and back tested it

So we’re currently on our way back up to the all-time high up here which is another probably five ten percent if we look at the indicators however we’re getting constant cell signals at this point I’m really not too concerned about that right now I think the Catalyst of

Uh bitboy finally overtaking this coin is going to continue to pop on this thing as you can see if we draw the micro FIB here we are above the 618 so the next large move up could bring us up to this one two three six here at two so

Let’s see if the percentage works on this from where we’re currently at that brings us up it doesn’t really show a percentage but all one so that’s a pretty decent sized move to the upside I’d have to expect here now can we technically go back down to the 618 back

Test at absolutely and honestly I would kind of prefer that to happen that would actually benefit the coin in my personal opinion because it would allow the indicators to cool down a little bit so I would not be shocked if after this chaos that happen today you know all

That fomo coming in we just see a slight pullback to the 61a and then we see that next rally up for Ben up to that one two three six now they’re still haven’t dropped the road map on this there’s still so much going for Ben if you have

Been following Ben eath he’s actually dropping bencoin to the people of the new coin that he created which is Psy up so if you own any psyops you’re also going to be getting Ben coin on top of that we’re gonna be covering her psyops in another

Video today so make sure you guys check that video out but this thing still has a ton going for there I still consider it early right now I did get lucky enough to get him down here on uni swap so I am up considerably on it but I am

Holding this thing Diamond hand in it and I think this thing should perform exceptionally well I can’t wait to see what bit boy and them do with this thing so short term right now I would not be shocked if we did see a slight pullback after this giant run we had today

Indicators are just a little too high in my personal opinion and I think what we’re gonna be seeing is that slight drop to the 61a and then we can see that rallied to the upside right here so let’s keep an eye on a slight drop and then continuation to the upside for Ben

With that none of this is financial advice and if there’s any coins you’d like me to chart or if you just like to chat with me you can post them on my Discord or my Twitter page the links are below in the description

Ben – BEN Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis May 2023

DISCLAIMER: This is not Financial Advice. These are my opinions on the market. You should always do your own research and make your own financial decisions.

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