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What’s popping everybody yeah so we got a quick kind of a semi-emergency update uh we got some major movement going on with uh Ben token right now and wow you know since yesterday when I did my video I just did my video yesterday I did my little bit of an analysis

Um I gave everybody my perspective in terms of where the Market’s going to be going um just yesterday I mean we jumped up almost 15 million in market cap since yesterday um yeah the volume has been very huge uh as you can see right here 23 almost 24 percent um that’s huge volume

Um actually no we’re at what like 36 35 million I think yeah so I have 23 yeah it’s about right and uh since then a lot of new investors have come in um it’s pretty crazy how how uh think fast things are moving um we are just about to break our

All-time high uh from yesterday pretty close uh we’re pretty much on the verge of breaking out into going parabolic in my opinion in my opinion right now we just need that extra push from Ben and if we get that extra news that news that says hey deal is completed and all that stuff

You’re gonna definitely see this uh market cap jump up another 20 30 million people are watching people are aware of what’s going on with this coin um of course traditional uh crypto patterns and trading patterns you’re gonna have to watch out for so there might be some dumps but I think overall

I mean we’re up 46 47 in the past 24 hours right um You Look on trading view strong buy all the indicators indicate that we’re in a bull market run a bull run and that extra news is just gonna make it go parabolic uh it’s very exciting very exciting times because

Man I’m really happy that it’s gonna change a lot of people’s lives and I think that’s the most important thing if you ask me um yesterday uh um bit boy crypto Ben Armstrong dropped the video talking about how Ben coin is moving from you know a meme coin it already has and they’re

Gonna start introducing more utility to it um the foundation was already created so the foundation is going to be creating the majority of the tokens and yeah it’s just uh big things are happening so I think it’s very you know I mean if you caught my other videos

That’s I said we’re not going to see these levels ever again uh let’s go to let’s see here oh yeah here let’s go to the one hour this is when I made my other video update where was it rage here was it here okay so yeah right here

This is it right here I got my last order in on this last dump I was so patient I waited for over 10 days to get this one trade here because for me this this was kind of the bottom for me um with my with understanding what’s

Gonna happen with the company or the token what’s gonna happen with uh you know Ben Armstrong being behind it understanding um where the community how strong the community is like this I I it was in vital for me to get a nice buy at the bottom right here I wish

I bought more I should have bought more um I’m an idiot for doing that but I’ll try catch another dip around here so if we got this right here we got a nice pump you can see a pump coming back around uh I don’t know it’s hard to say

There’s going to be a like I mean look at this long candle over here right you see that that’s a lot of volume right that’s 90 991 billion that came that came in I think that’s uh what that is right there I think that’s what that is how much

Volume came in there but yeah so we’re kind of on the verge of uh pretty much going parabolic really important that you guys understand that we are not going to see these levels ever again uh no we’re not because we’re doing this without major news uh we’re doing all this movement we’re

Getting all this traction um the community’s building so high without any major news right there’s really no major news that has been put pushing us other than the community that has been growing it right now I mean if we go back to or is Pepe what we want Pepe here

But the band here I mean look in the past 24 hours 11 million dollars has come back in can you come in right uh that’s up 141 percent huge that’s huge volume we’re getting so many new investors to this and it’s it’s going to change a lot of

People’s lives market cap I can see with the news coming in so with Ben Armstrong like the deal is apparently finalized but they just have to sign the papers so the money has already made it they just have to sign the papers um now that’s supposed to happen tonight or in the morning

So uh I don’t know it could happen right now I don’t know let’s see let me check uh the group you should be in the telegram group if you’re following bencoin um if not it’s all right I’ll be sharing the news when I can see money use let’s see

Oh he just dropped the message just a second ago he said I’m on the East Coast trying to stay awake my CFO should be with Ben as we speak I’m going to try to stay up as late as I can but I’m struggling the deal is definitely getting done tonight

Deal is definitely getting done tonight you see that that’s huge okay just on that alone I can see that one message up and uh hitting oh man it could push us to at least 13 000. units so yeah uh big news uh big movement and even yesterday when I was doing my analysis

There with you guys yesterday um I told you that we have some big movement that’s going to happen and this was when we’re around 8 000. so we are right about right here let’s go to the five minute where are we minutes we are a rate

We are right here this is where this is this is pretty much where we were right here when we when I did my video right here this is where I did another video and boom we just started moving up we started going up up I mean look we’re just moving we’re

Moving and we’re we’re pretty much gonna I can see a huge long candle coming very soon here on the five minute uh a big one a big one all right so yeah check the description you’ll see the Twitter there for the company my Twitter’s there

Um you can pick this up on both polonian X or L Bank uh I have my L Bank affiliate link there remember to use discretion when you’re purchasing the cryptocurrency do your own research um I’m only sharing my experience and my results and what in my my opinion right

Um I don’t encourage you to follow my opinion I’m just sharing my experience this is purely for entertainment purposes but if you do want to pick up some of the tokens you can from those uh centralized exchanges um and decentralized you can also pick it up on unit Swap and join the telegram

Group add me on Twitter um and yeah take this to the Moon baby

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  1. just made 14eth in 1 week.. $ben will 50x in a month 🔥🔥🚀👀

  2. Why do you release your ben videos a day late? Are you playing it safe in case it dumps? Remember, even with it at 6 zeros 18. The big guys can't sell until a 500 mill market cap. Which means this is dropping a couple of zeros most likely. So you can wait for the dip, but might just regret not buying now. Not financial advice.

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