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Best Crypto Coins Today! – Burning of LUNC Ineffective – Last Flush Down for Bitcoin BTC Possible

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Good day everybody there’s a lot of news related to individual coins now that Bitcoin and ethereum are sideways and pretty boring at this stage waiting macroeconomic news here are the current best crypto buys for the last few days one of the first tokens that has received a lot of activity is the render

Token RN rndr which is an AI rendering platform follow my recent search a new year to date high around Dr has encountered selling pressure and close with the modest gain yesterday it has run up well everybody is either down or sideways despite the recent surge of volume dropped significantly recently

Below the moving average which may suggest a lack of conviction in the recent rally and could possibly precede a price reversal note that the following coins that I’ll be discussing today are all high risk High reward because we don’t know how they will react in the

Upcoming days this is a token that I haven’t really heard too much about money copium is to burn 30 of tokens fueling frenzy among crypto investors mean coin copium announced plans to burn 30 of its token pool and move expected to propel the tokens per the token price

Here is Twitter related to that token burn this meme having has experienced an upward search of 80 in its price post-establishing a stability around 0.003 with a total supply of 1 billion coins this action and burn will burn 300 million tokens revealed on their Twitter handle this past Saturday the

Announcement stimulated an uptick in price so base of Insider Whispers within the community the coin burn is likely to commence later this week burns are extremely popular now we’ve seen them quite frequently with Shiba Inu Luna lunc has that BNB frequently post news related to their

Burn a lot of investors are following the coins that apply Burns to their total Supply One coin privacy coin that has confirmed a very strong technical positive trend is strong as an overall cryptocurrency Market shows modest fluctuations Tron is defined the odds with a series

Of green candles as you see in the chart here there was a top resistance level and now it broke above it technically this type of price movement confirms a new uptrend for the Drone token the price could come back to the support and then resume upwards price momentum keep

An eye on Tron AI doge is pioneering a new me new type of meme coin offering robust functionality Beyond Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and pepe AI Dodge precell recently crossed 11.8 million demonstrating perfect timing and bringing attention from investors successfully Crossing that 11.7 million threshold the eye token is now at a

Price of 0.0000324 as the pre-sale nears 14.9 million hard cap the increasing number of backers shows Rising entrance in the descriptal AI token the I token will be native currency within AI Dodge and will support three minute applications the token will be able to purchase credits for creating memes via the platform AI

Tech be state for earning daily rewards and perks and be utilized to vote for memes and produce popular content the final coin that I’ll cover is a coin and you will see risk in the upcoming days the coins related to the metaverse are all showing positive results or positing

Prior production due to the rumors that Apple will be releasing a headset or goggles that will be potentially used into the metaverse and bring attention to the these coins once again apcoin has been on the rise in recent days but the coin’s technical data suggests that it could be approaching a turning point

Meaning resistance levels so keep an eye on those but a lot of the metaverse coins are moving upwards now that Apple will be sharing that news fairly soon lunc burn didn’t help their classic new crypto coin Burns 30 of token Supply so on Terra classic news the price has been

On the downtrend through 2023 despite a UNC coin being burned it’s sort of Supply however it’s extremely high at 5.87 trillion tokens so we have had news of burns but they are not significantly big enough to affect in an important way the total Supply like I mentioned earlier the new cryptocurrency copium

Planned to burn 30 of its Supply and this has pushed the price over 100 percent this coin however doesn’t have 5.87 trillion tokens the total Supply was initiated at 1 billion and now will be cut by 300 million tokens so we’re not in the same range of amount

Of coins between Terra classic and kopian on bitcoin news top Trader warns Bitcoin final flush Maybe in the cards here’s the Outlook yeah why did we followed crypto strategies indicates that Bitcoin looks vulnerable and sell-off event could happen in the next few days pseudonymous analyst credible crypto tells his 340 000

Twitter followers that he thinks Bitcoin is in a position to see one more leg down as it continues to straight below the resistance level of 27 000. according to the trailer bitcoin’s recent weakness could lead to a liquidation event some kind of weak or really flash crash

That could see Bitcoin trading below 25 000 if we fail to reclaim and we likely go for a flush of our lows into the green line at 25 000 with some weeks lower depending on momentum and liquidation this could be the final flush under 25 000 I haven’t

Mentioned in the previous post in the years that we haven’t been able to rule that out yet so this could be a possibility to go down to 25 000 in a flash crash even to 20 000 this would eliminate all the people who are shorting Bitcoin therefore leaving the

All the place for bullish sentiment on the coin on Chiba in the news nearly 8 billion Shiba in New Bern by this new project Blaze token recently burned over 1.2 billion Shiba Inu bringing the total cumulative Burns close to 8 billion tokens reinforcement commitment to the community and the token value this place

Took in a newly launched project with a mission to reduce the shiba inu’s extensive Supply recently burned 1.2 billion ship in its latest incineration exercise bringing this total close to 8 billion this project has been pushing for burns on Shiba Inu prior to shivarium who will

Likely continue to see on a weekly basis burn news related to this Blaze token project finally breaks down Trend gears for next leg up as you see on the chart here following the Laurel local top of 0.000 1188 observing April 16th Shiba face fear resistance from the Bears triggering persistent decline from

April 18 and onwards despite a series of comebacks the Bears took control of the scene from that point leading to a one month long downtrend resistance so shivainu finally lost control of the 0.0001 Zone on May 5th amid the Escalade in Bears condition plummeting to a low

Of 832 as you see in the graph here its lowest value since January 8th following that however the price stabilizes and now we have crossed that resistance level at .000886 and we hope to regain a new uptrend in Shiba Inu Ledger CEO confirms government can access your private keys

In a recent interviewed Ledger CEO pascalgoti confirmed that the government could access clients private Keys Through The Ledger recovery feature in a case of a subpoena so Ledger have has been in the news for their keys debacle and media storm and related to their service that splits your keys in three

And sends it to three different entities in order for you to be able to recover your keys in case you lost them the key point however is that in the interview Gautier that funds are safe and that they hadn’t created a back door in their wallets however however he asserts that

The government can access the private keys of users who utilize The Ledger recovery feature only if Ledger receives a subpoena towards that specific client a Corp May issue a subpoena ordering the wallet holder to testify in legal proceedings or produce documents details of which might include cryptocurrencies held in their amounts some crypto

Holders have stated that they are considering other Hardware providers doubting Ledger’s new feature which they claim undermines the principle of cell custody and decentralization that crypto and blockchain embrace and finally on a very important news vitalik veteran promotes preservation of the ethereum blockchain minimalism ethereum co-founder bitterlic Buren has warned

Against overloading ethereum social consensus which if discouraged or resisted could bring High systematic risk to the ecosystem while admitting that natural urge to try and extend the ethereum blockchain’s core function such actions could end up making a consensus layer more fragile over the years several proposals have emerged

Suggestion that the use of the ethereum social consensus for the other purposes including price and data oracles restating initiatives and using layer 1 soft Forks to recover layer two projects the ethereum co-founder however warned against such a notion and explain it is natural for application layer projects

To attempt such a strategy and indeed Church ideas are often simply conceived without the depreciation of the risk but its results can easily become very misaligned with the goals of the community as a whole in the latest blog post titled don’t overload ethereum’s consensus building offers some potential

Solutions to address risks such as price oracles either not quite crypto economic decentralized oracles or validator voting based articles that explicitly commit to their emergency recovery strategies being something other than appealing to L1 consensus Bernie also pointed out that more complex through articles could be counted as a solution

As the focus would be on reports reporting facts more subjective than price he added that it would be some kind of decentralized court system built on a not quite crypto economic Dio here the concession needs to be left simple in order to keep the Integrity of the ecosystem and that’s why buterin is

Indicating two validators to avoid getting into completely complicated systems that could fragilize all the ecosystem around ethereum and therefore or put ethereum at risk I hope you enjoyed this video see you all next one ciao

What are the best cryptos today? – Render Token, Copium, Tron, AiDoge and Ape Coin – LUNC Burn Ineffective due to huge coin supply – Bitcoin could go down to 25K$ or even 20K$ in a flash crash before pushing upwards – Shiba Inu 8 billion burn by Blaze Token project – Ledger confirms that the government can access your keys with a subpoena – Social consensus of Ethereum needs to stay simple stated Vitalik Buterin

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