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Best Crypto Project 2022 | Ref Finance | Simply Explained | Hidden Gem 100X Coin 🤩🚀🚀 #Near $REF

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Hello Everyone,
Thank you so much for supporting us from day one launch of Channel, My Vision is to bring understand and educate about crypto Bloclachain and Defi and Near Protocol |

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Today We are going to talk about the Main leading project in Near Ecosystem: Ref Finance.

Ref Finance is a community-led, multi-purpose DeFi platform built on NEAR Protocol.
The ref takes full advantage of NEAR’s low fees, one-to-two second finality, and WebAssembly-based runtime (hello, Rust smart contracts!).
In addition to the advantages of being built on top of NEAR, Ref Finance provides:

✅Multiple pools in one contract
✅Atomic transactions
✅Customizable pool fee

↔️ Trade
Trade tokens with our automated market maker (AMM) exchange
💰 Pool
Provide liquidity and earn revenue from swap fee
🌾 Farm
Stake LP tokens into farms and earn rewards in return
🌈 Stake
Stake REF tokens to earn more REF tokens, by earning fees generated by the protocol

Many leading projects are already collaborating with Ref. finance, exploring the next steps for unlocking these exciting benefits

Ref Finance Website

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