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BEST HERO in Mobile Legends (August 2021)

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So you want to know which is the best hero in Mobile Legends 2021? You’ve found the video that will tell you which hero has the highest win rate of this moment!!!

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The 3 best heroes of every role based on average win rate will be shown in this video. This way you can determine which hero to pick, ban or buy to increase your win rate. It can really help if you are looking for the best hero in Mobile Legends 2021.

I personally use this list to determine which hero is the best to play at the moment. Choosing a hero with a high average win rate can increase your chance if winning. This way you have a bigger chance of ranking up fast. I hope you can find the best hero in Mobile Legends 2021 with the help of this guide.

De data of the best hero in Mobile Legends is subtracted from: with reference date 28th of July 2021.

This month there will also be a skin giveaway. You’ll find insctructions about how to patricipate in the video. A random comment will be chosen by using software. You will be disqualified when posting you ID more than once, to keep it fair for all participant. After 7 days, a winner will be chosen. Let’s hope you are the lucky one!

0:00 Intro
0:41 Best Tanks
2:10 Best Fighters
3:43 Best Assassins
5:05 Best Mages
6:55 Best Marksmen
8:21 Best Supports
9:46 Most Banned Heroes

How to use Harley:
How to use X.borg:
Best fighter heroes Season 21:
Best tank heroes Season 21:

Thanks for watching the video! 🙂


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  1. I thought Miya is in there, her damage is so bad it feels like you're being poked by toothpicks

  2. I'm a hybrid user capable of any role… Now i know what to pick for each role… Making my solo rank journey easier.

  3. Im a legend rank, the numbers of winrate majority are based on the players from epic rank i guess which consist of a huge amount of ml players? And picking some of the heroes in the list would be really hard to play in solo q especially Ling 🙂

  4. It's really difficult to solo rank. I always get MVP with like a 17 3 8 kda but my teammates have like 2 9 6 and we end up losing still.


  6. Just started playing a week back, it’s been super fun so far! I really enjoyed this guide. 🙂 My game ID is 1028284580(13116)

  7. Fighter:Thamse
    Mage: pharsa, odentte,
    Mm:niuton, poppokuppa,
    Assa: helcut

  8. How is Carmilla the (2nd) best support in the game? Only reason Carmilla has such a high wr is because nobody uses her.

  9. Its true, cyclops is one of the best mages in bangbang moleg
    Thanks Bro! You help me to choose what should i buy next. #gggeming

    Gogo cyclops skin!

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