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BEST: PancakeSwap Staking Pool for CAKE Token Coin 2022 | Transfer coin from Trust Wallet to Binance

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PancakeSwap Staking ROI are constantly decreasing! If you have CAKE token coin on your wallet and tired of PancakeSwap changes of staking pool, you should try this pool. This I believe is the one of the best staking pool for cake token coin in 2022. I am moving my coin off the pancakeswap pool. In the video, I will compare the pancakeswap staking pool with Binance staking pool. You will be amaze by the result. If you use trust wallet, I will also show you how to move your coin from trust wallet to Binance and stake it there.
00:00 intro – pancakeSwap staking
02:37 staking cake on binance vs pancakeswap
05:02 how to move coin from trust wallet to binance
06:05 how to find which network coin is built on?
10:27 cake staking on binance

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