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Best Spot For Crypto Profits? Amazing USDT Staking! ANOLA Questions Answered!

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I cant wait to see VRA & VXV crypto to pop off like many others we are waiting on for altcoin season. Many of you had questions and hit me up. So I tried to answer all of you questions in this video.

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— DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser and this video is not financial advice this video is here for entertainment/education only.

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  1. Hi, i have a question. If i use compound interest on my staking, am i still getting the daily payouts?

  2. Crypto Miki says Anola is a scam and that he has been unable to withdraw funds. Just something to keep in mind folks. He does address this concern but just be mindful guys.

  3. hi man. to upgrade the acc to advanced they asked me about a middle name, cant be skipped and i dont have one ? what should be done

  4. I checked the website, the return on investment they are offering and the locking period per amount has ponzi all over it.. the smaller your amount the less you need to stake it (makes sense because the less they need to pay you back in full if you want to withdraw your capital) the bigger your amount the more you need to hold it (that way they start accumulating) in order to pay back everyone from their own money and the bigger amounts that are coming in, man this is a classic ponzi… plus try researching all the names they have in the about page, none of them can be found online properly with a decent history…. the best case scenario for this, is that they're really good traders, and they are trading with our money… but imo this is a ponzi

  5. Hi JR. So if I move in my XRP to stake, this will also serve to lock in the referral rate?

  6. So when you say i can withdraw at anytime, I can deposit x amount of money and say I'm going to leave it for the max 244 days, But lets say I want to fully withdraw all interest and initial capital all at once a week later. Even thought it wasn't in there for a total 244 days, I can still fully withdrawal everything?

  7. Hey Jr. I joined using your link and started staking only yesterday but I can't find where you can add to your investment?

  8. How do u get USDT into Anola? Send it from an exchange I assume? Can we link a bank account? I suppose not because Anola would have to allow converting to USDT from USD.

  9. Any concerns with using USDT? Have heard sketchy stuff about their assets not fully being backed

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