Beware of these fake news and financial schemes in Thailand | GMT

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Photos of Buddhist monks working out spark anger among netizens. Machines were invented to replace monkeys climbing coconut trees. All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

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00:00 Intro
00:56 Top 10 fake reports on Social media
12:05 Machines were invented to replace monkeys climbing coconut trees.
15:32 Photos of Buddhist monks working out spark anger among netizens.
22:05 Poll (Taxi fares in Thailand)
24:11 BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship)
32:48 Views & Comments

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  1. Monkeys are meant to climb TREES YOU CLOWNS.The trouble with the world these days there are too many soft cocks around.

  2. Why you not making news On Thai Government Wrong decisions & public specially Youth is Worried …. Thailand: Deepening Repression of Rights

    Failed Promises to Respect Free Expression, Assembly, Ban Torture

  3. Finnish people are the happiest people on planet, yes when they hit the bars of Pattaya, I grant you that!! 😂😂 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in a few Giraffes to bring down the coconuts!! Not so hard on Sara’s feelings then!! 😂😂 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Jay about Finland: they don't get into wars, no complications..
    Finland looking a bit east: 😅😅

  6. Traffic fines only will work if the police actually patrol and do their jobs. See police paying no attention to traffic infractions that are right in front of them. Speeding…. well… there are cameras. Maybe they will work better…. if the system is operating….lol

  7. The Blue lagoon is in Iceland… Iceland is the only northern country with hot spring. You have to correct this in the next news episode.

  8. Thais and falangs get your driving behaviour act togeather the fines are still to cheap no mercy do the crime pay the fine. Should also have a points system then loose your licence for a year then on probation for a year.

  9. There's one more scam going on. I was caught. Silly of me, but I accepted and paid for a delivery when I didn't order anything at the time. Paid 439 baht. Had another delivery 3 days ago but this time I rejected it. Maybe it's just in Chiang Mai. I only buy stuff from Lazada and a few Facebook sellers, so they're the only ones who have my details. Hmm…

  10. It was great watching the show live in Thailand today
    Rather later in the morning show in England

  11. It's not like they did it on purpose or were being vein or breaking from their religion. Someone maybe shouldn't have shared it sure but I'm with you on this jay. They are monks trying to be healthier to their body. They should be commended.

  12. I think LINE has Japanese origin and started to communicate and help people effected during a natural disaster.

  13. Hi, I would love the know where the no helmet fines go. I hear that 95% stay with the police and 5 % go to the government any facts on this?

  14. LINE is not created for use in ordering various tasks. It's made for chat, it doesn't have a function to make it easier to work with. But Thai people prefer to order work through the LINE program, especially the older generation. And if you say you disagree with that You will be seen as not cooperating immediately. which I am very tired of this idea.

  15. Carmel, now that we have ALL agreed you are a Man Utd fan from today, please send me your shirt size and correct spelling of name, so I can order you the new Man Utd shirt, as my welcome gift to yourself to the BIGGEST club on the planet, greetings to the voice of God, from Manchester United FC 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  16. AAAFx = trustworthy and worthwhile broker that is very competitive in terms of its trading fees (against major currency pairs).

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