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BIG UPDATES to Polkadot NFT Game: Evrloot

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Evrloot is a new NFT game on the Kusama blockchain using our revolutionary advanced NFT technology. It’s a diablo inspired, dark fantasy game with equipable gear, resources and loot. Check them out at https://evrloot.com/

From the start we’ve known NFTs needed to have more utility than just being JPEGs and we’ve been building it since inception! We believe you should be able to make NFTs with more capabilities like having multiple outputs without having to have multiple nft mints, 1 NFT SHOULD DO IT ALL! Naturally being this dynamic allows for much more creativity!
Check out the full capability of the RMRK Standard here: https://docs.rmrk.app/getting-started/

Helpful links:

Skybreach wiki!

Kanaria: Skybreach introductory article

With RMRK, it is possible to take your NFTs across multiverse projects, equip them into other NFTs, and even govern them plutocratically with your community.
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