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Billionaire Warns Imminent BANK Runs, RIPPLE's SVB Exposure, and EULER LOAN EXPLOIT.. Daily Crypto

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Billionaire warns of imminent Bank runs if Government fails to guarantee all Silicon Valley Bank deposits the CEO and portfolio manager of Pershing Square Capital Management billionaire Bill Ackman has warned a vast and profound repercussions should the American government permit Silicon Valley Bank to fail without safeguarding all depositors

He explained in a tweet sent out on Saturday that the government had till Monday am to correct its soon to be irreversible blunder by realizing that an uninsured deposit is an unsecured illiquid claim on a bankrupt Bank as a result of allowing the bank to fail without insuring all depositors

Ripple had some exposure to Silicon Valley Bank says CEO despite having some exposure to Silicon Valley Bank cryptocurrency company Ripple Labs remains in a healthy financial position according to CEO Brad garlinghouse in a tweet on Sunday the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was given management of Silicon Valley Bank’s remaining assets

After Regulators were forced to intervene due to a run on deposits on Friday Ripple is the most recent cryptocurrency startup to address its connections to the bank defy lender Euler Finance drained of 197 million US dollars in Flash loan exploit decentralized Finance platform Euler Finance has apparently seen an exploit of about

196.9 million US Dollars according to audit platform block SEC crypto startup Ripple Labs had some exposure to Silicon Valley a total of 18.5 million dollars in wrapped Bitcoin 8.7 million US dollars in the decentralized stable coin die 135.8 million US dollars in staked ethereum and another 33.8 million US

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