Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022 — Day Two Highlights

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Day Two of Binance Blockchain Week 2022 took place on September 15 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris in the heart of the City Of Light.

Join us as we recap the events of the second part of Binance’s three-day celebration in Paris exploring the latest insights and innovations in the Web3 space.

The main themes for Day Two were ‘Web3 Culture Convergence’ and ‘A Web3-Powered World’.

It goes without saying that Paris is a global cultural hub. Web3 is here to support and enrich the worlds of fashion, art, and everything in-between in innovative ways. As such, our ‘Web3 Culture Convergence’ section looked at how Web3 is creating new opportunities for culture through blockchain technology, and beyond.

The second half of Day Two was dedicated to ‘A Web3-Powered World’. Our expert panels led the audience through a journey of discovery. From finance and trading to culture and communities — we came together to uncover what the Web3 world of tomorrow looks like.

Thanks to all the talented speakers who joined us in Paris to share their knowledge with the community. We’re excited to have brought our Binancians insights from the brightest minds of today, and a vision of a better future.

– Tony Parker, Retired NBA Player and Entrepreneur, Infinity Nine Group
– Jooho Yun, CEO, Ring Games
– Maria Sharapova, Former World No. 1 Tennis Player, Entrepreneur, and Web3 Enthusiast
– Tim Grant, Head of EMEA, Galaxy
– And more!


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