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Boost your knowledge on #Binance    Auto-Invest and complete the quiz for an opportunity to receive an Auto-Invest $IOTX Monthly Plan!

Learn About Auto-Invest & Complete a Quiz to Receive an Auto-Invest IOTX Monthly Plan!

All Answer Given In This Video..So Please Watch Full Video

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To celebrate the launch of IOTX on Auto-Invest, Binance is launching the Auto-Invest IOTX Quiz Activity on 2022-11-21 09:00 (UTC), where users can gain knowledge about Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), Auto-Invest and IOTX. The first 100,000 new Auto-Invest users who successfully complete the quiz during the promotion period, will be eligible to each receive a free Auto-Invest IOTX monthly plan for five months.

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Binance – How to Earn Free IOTX (Internet of Things)
Binance – How to Earn Free IOTX (Interview Questions and Answers)
How to Earn Free IOTX (Internet of Things) Coins
Binance is giving away free IOTX questions and answers
Binance – How to Get Free IOTX Questions and Answers


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