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BINANCE SUPPORTS 1.2% BURN TAX! Terra Luna Classic

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In this video I explain the MAJOR support that Binance just showed for the Terra Luna Classic community! This is a critical milestone for LUNC and we need to act now!

The off-chain 1.2% burn tax for LUNC would be massive coming from Binance! This could really take the potential of the 1.2% burn to the next level by 10X the daily burn of LUNC.

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  1. I keep hearing above username about their legitimacy all over my the state am glad o could also benefited from them. I just received another payment from the real one Wendytrad45 as promised it’s really incredible to have sure a paying platform in this crisis period.

  2. Here's an Idea!!! Ask all your "followers'' to send you $50 or $100 worth of LUNC as an Event. after two or three days you burn ''em LIVE. And make sure all your ''colleagues'' do the same on there channel. It will show how tight the community really is (once more) and we'll be probable burning quite some Luna. I'll be sending this to all the other Guys!!!

  3. Are just being disingenuous or are you really that ignorant?

    An “opt in” is vastly different than direct implementation. The amount of users who would “opt in” is so low it’s basically doing nothing.

    The fact you pair this with various what if scenarios that build on each other has to be a joke. Your a walking L

  4. Binance have to be sue if lowest trade is of $10 any withdraw cant be higher than that, find lawyers.

  5. During this period people need to actively trade their asses off on lunc, opt in on Binance and go crazy, make regular moves, buy the lows, sell the highs don't just hodl!! For us to dominate the volume we need to go full force, it will ONLY work if we come together and really make the effort to get the volume through the roof with supporters of the tax

  6. Stop sugar coating it! CZ screwed us over completely! We were never gonna get the full benefits of that 1.2% tax burn! People like CZ will do anything and everything to keep the wealthy rich and keep the common folk like us in the rat race! We need to get all our coins off binance and teach them a lesson! We have the power as the people!

  7. Does anybody have any idea when the opt in will be implemented? Made a trade 10 minutes ago and its not on there yet. I'm 100% in on this, and entirely willing to sell all and buy back within a few minutes with 1.2%. I agree if we mess this up its literally the community at fault. It's a tiny price to pay for massive prospects in the future. The 1.2% will be nothing in the bigger picture!!

  8. I actually don’t mind to opt-in🔥 because the 1.2 🔥for trading plus another 1.2 🔥to move to terra station then i can stake there for at least 21days📈 I’ll get back more then 2.4% 😅 it doesn’t hurt me to at all! 💎🙌🏼💎🙌🏼
    When the opt-in start?

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