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Binance To STEPN On Solana (IN 3 STEPS)

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Here’s how you can transfer funds (e.g. SOL, USDC or GMT) via the Solana network from Binance to STEPN.

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The Solana network may be congested, and it may take longer than usual before you are able to receive the funds in your STEPN wallet.

Moreover, the STEPN wallet only allows you to view 4 assets on the Solana network: SOL, USDC, GMT and GST. If you send other assets to STEPN via the Solana network (e.g. USDT), you will not be able to view them on STEPN.

If you would like to have lower withdrawal fees for the Solana network, you can consider using FTX instead.

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0:00 Start Here
0:05 Step 1
0:25 Step 2
0:46 Step 3
1:00 If The Network Is Congested
1:08 Transferring USDC
1:41 Transferring USDT?
1:51 How To Reduce Withdrawal Fees
2:19 Don’t Miss This



  1. Can it go through even if Solana network is congested?
    I got rejected multiple times and it doesn't seem to work at all. It just takes a lot of time to process and then nothing…it gets rejected.

  2. Hi! Is it possible to use the smart chain network peb 20 instead Solana?

  3. Hello, is it also possible the other way, withdraw Solana or USDC from Stepn to Binance?

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