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  1. It was the right move of course.But what I really hope is that the crypto market can recover optimally

  2. LUNC $288.51 a coin can you imagine all the people that will commit suicide knowing how much money they could’ve had.

    0.01 some of the brightest minds in Crypto believe this is just about a guarantee very very very very soon. 🤔

  3. Hey Buddy,

    Great video, but please do this on your next video with LUNC:

    You need to place emphasis on the following:

    (1) Fed rate hike will be announced on Sept 20th with a possible full percentage, The crypto market will respond at 5:30 am. Expect a dump.

    (2) The whales will sell on September 20th to short, and people will be impatient and sell. We could see the biggest drop on September 20th.

    PLEASE PLEASE warn your viewers – Tell your viewers to HOLD.

    LUNC is going to dump around September 20th.

    Please prepare your viewers what to expect.

    Thank you.


  4. 🚀 🚀 Too infinity & Beyond 🚀 🚀
    Totally expect before the 20th for a blue whale out of China to drop $2B into LUNC obliterating the supply and causing a hyper price jump over $10/ coin!
    Weirder things have happened in the world, just saying!
    Stay strong, stay invested

  5. На Мексе взял Lunac по 25…вложил 1000 сижу, коньяк влиыаюююю…жду до 73 и текаю

  6. Binance calculated that 150 billion Lunc a month will be burned by all exchanges on- chain.
    Some exchanges do it allso off-chain. It means to get under 1 trillion it takes 3-5 years to get maybe to 1 dollar

  7. Check the flip side, the entire community whome is holding LUNC within Binance may pull everything out, which in turn would burn 1.2% regardless bumping the numbers

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