Biswap – BSW Token

Biswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that aims to offer low transaction fees and incorporates a 3-type referral system. The system enables users to invite friends to get benefits on every swap. The invited person needs to register via the referral link. After completion of registration by the friend or the invited person, the rewards are received from the 3-type referral program. These referral rewards are received from Launchpools, Farms, Swaps, and Lottery. A launch pool is a platform that lets the users stake tokens to get the new tokens.

Biswap seeks to become a benchmark for decentralized exchange platforms. The Biswap platform aims to provide fairness and innovation in DEX through its services and products.

The utility token that supports Biswap is BSW. The maximum total supply of BSW is limited to 700,000,000 out of which the number of tokens burned is 21,061,298. Burning is when a fraction of tokens are sent to a wallet with no private key. This means the tokens are lost forever. Biswap keeps decreasing the total supply of BSW tokens by the weekly burning mechanism. The process in turn increases the value of the BSW in the long run.

The token holder aims to utilize the token for trading as well as for the following:

  • The holder can stake the tokens in the launch pools and get other tokens.

  • The holder can add BSW and other tokens in liquidity pools on Biswap. The user can get 50% from each transaction fee that is occurring on the platform.

  • The user can easily trade BSW tokens and get low transaction fees in the DeFi ecosystem.

  • The user can stake the tokens given by liquidity providers in Biswap Farms pairs and get BSW tokens in return.

History of Biswap (BSW)

The Biswap platform was launched in May 2021 for the Binance Chain. The team behind Biswap includes EK as the CEO, Kevin as product manager, Miles as project manager, Robi as the head of support, and many others having good experience in crypto projects.

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