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BitBoy Crypto founder says FTX was ‘a scam from day one’

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BitBoy Crypto founder Ben Armstrong weighed in on the FTX bankruptcy saying Sam Bankman-Fried ‘never once had good intentions.’ Armstrong joined Yahoo Finance Live on November 14, 2022.
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  1. This is absolutely the last guy that should be talking about FTX. These crypto con men need more attention than Instagram whores

  2. His intent was to start FTX to fund the democrats so trump would lose. His money was used to pay people off. The democrats allowed his scam to go on.

    Notice how Gary Gensler was hired at same time FTX was started.

  3. If people still have not learn that any get rich quick investment is always a scam, you deserve to lose your money.

  4. All of crypto is a scam
    It’ll never be legitimized until the govt takes control of it
    Simply because it’s basically random unknown entities trying to do what the govt does, & that’s create & print fiat @ will
    The only reason why this even works for the govt is because populations got tricked into the system & then became ignorant to it all together lol

  5. This is a Democrat business to take billions of US taxpayer funds that Biden sent to Ukraine. Zelensky took the funds, “invested” in this
    FTX , then FTX “donated” millions to the Democrats, and to WEF, and this is why The Big Guy wants to prolong the war in Ukraine. Money laundering, theft of US taxpayer money.

  6. Finally giving notice the man who put his neck out there some believe Nikolai Mushegian was trying to do the same thing but ended up drowning.

  7. Kari, like Trump in 2020, worked like a farm horse on numerous campaign rallies, while Hobbs, like Biden, lounged and relaxed in her basement…laughing because she knew STRANGE help was coming 😉 The "help" was so enormous that it bled FTX dry, so SBF fled, leaving crypto currency investors broke! The bigger news is FTX business model = Same as CENTRAL BANKS! Read The Creature From Jekyll Island (unabridged audio version is available for free listening online). BIDEN OUT BY CHRISTMAS!

  8. Who wants to bet he gets a few million dollar fine that goes to the government not the people and no jail time. That’s usually what happens oh you stole 2 billion well we will show him with a 10million dollar fine.

  9. Here's what I find out that Tom Brady had gave some money to this joke doesn't Tom Brady have enough money good God how much more money do you need to have why would you invest anything moron stick with the football

  10. We have made stupids the intelligents of our society.

    If he is a graduate from MIT means he is a genius. Oh come on.

    We need to work on our standards, i remember the hollywood movie "idiocracy".

    I also invested 1% of my savings in cryptos. Despite knowing all these flaws 2 years back and i have mentioned all these tokenization thing and leverages to my colleagues who were more intrigued by this crypto thing.

    I got convinced by their word that u will get old and this is future tech. Better to know about it. 😊

    I learned what i already knew. First the LUNA collapse and now this FTX.

    So now i have what i have and will keep it in cold wallet to show others that this is the lesson i learned twice.

    Kevin and others have enough to bet and gamble, be it a casino or crypto.


  11. ALL crypto is a scam. The biggest ever. ALL from tulip 🌷 bulbs to Ponzi to Madoff
    to Enron and beyond. Only it's 'bigness' and greed keep any of people's real money in this shell game.this is the REAL "reset" that needs to happen! Put your hard earned cash into companies that provide products and services in the real economy and stop this nonsense.

  12. Just like BLM, and before BLM under the Clintons it was People For The American Way. Money laundering fronts for the DNC.
    If you were stupid enough to vote for democrats after the mess they've made of our nation in the last 2 years THEN LEARN FROM IT. The DNC is the largest sh!t stain on the human race

  13. He gave 40 million dollars to the DNC before going bankrupt and no one was there to regulate his company

  14. "…counterfeiting tokens"? All the tokens were phony, so will you separate the authentic phony tokens from the phony "counterfeit" tokens for me, please?

  15. Mr. Wonderful…… " What's the problem you dummies?! Billion dollar fleeces are all just part of the cycle of innovation… I've done my research!"

  16. Facts jack! Look at all the players involved. It's a set up for more regulations and scarring the weak hands off bitcoin

  17. Go watch the latest video blog on Hummingbot's channel if you prefer to hear the opinion of someone who knows the market making business and know exactly how Alameda and FTX Made their money. Bitboy gets so many facts wrong it's sad. Every sentence has at least one error.

  18. Positive feedback is all I have read and heard about this NYCE for a while now. In Bitcoin investing, the determination to take risks is one of the main factors needed because it takes a brave heart to make money these days.

  19. Bitboy promoted and shilled FTT token, celsius and also blockfi. So i dont freaking understand why hes blabbering right now. BITBOY FRAUDSTER.

  20. Bitboy crypo promoted Celsius for 2 years. Which was also a scam. As well as several rug pull coins he was paid to promote

  21. Lock him up .. lock him up.. lock him up .. pure criminal along with his political party the Democratic Party of America

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