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Well guys let’s go btc at the end of this wild Friday afternoon now in Spain 20:31 in Brazil 16:31 pm I’m on the 4 hour chart anchored by the band to see the weekly Up guys if btc overcomes this top here reached there in the morning and 26,970 it will start that

Sputnik for investigating the price here at four o’clock, instead of opening a beautiful undulating amplitude buyer the xados ended up filling the sharks’ network and now it’s for sure they’re going to be tafiados had a lot of people had a lot of people increasing the short position

Some etinhas were very swollen in the short sense and now there will definitely be a series sale here in the Diário we are in the process of opening another morobosor 1/4 of a quadrant is missing for this here to become one moruz Remembering that the main characteristic of a moruzu that are

These kendalls with longer real bodies is that they always bring their little brothers the first moruzu brought a little brother it ended up cooling down now this second one ndo moruzu that is forming here will certainly take the little brothers to the level of 30 thousand dollars there on the monthly chart

Where each candle here represents a month . 28 and 700 29,000 which is where the median of the keltner channel is here in the monthly it does not go well The btc is a little clock it hits on the first up goes back to see the

Up here it hit on the second it came back it accumulated then stressed again the second up went back to see The Up in the signal room only has one open signal on the btc pair because the btc stretched a lot on the SBT Btc

Already closed on the SBT And they act the SBT is already going to close it’s very close to the Target in the cop trade all the endings the signals closed on profit from the and was gay in the pocket of subscribers in Seara factual

Now breaking news Ciro equal valem Bank has filed for bankruptcy in the bankruptcy court of the Southern District of New York to preserve its assets let’s see how that goes unfold some information from economic information providers They haven’t reported yet but it’s breaking news and the US banking meltdown is causing

US regulators to turn all their anger against cryptocurrency already there are Republican congressmen wanting to understand why From this persecutory assault against the crypto world, in fact, Americans are realizing that having to leave money in the bank means having to trust a third party and now the self-custody provided by cryptography

Only involves the need to know how to configure a simple Ledger nano or a trezor that does not offer any great difficulty and the person can have the sleep of the just is remembering that when the cbcs that are

Not going to be stable coins will be digital dollars digital euro digital real digital running on blockchain it will also be possible to keep custody and devices like this and it is precisely this option that citizens have of High custody of their financial assets that they are leaving the regulators

In a people in a complete despair and this afternoon Jennifer said that the US Treasury department will finance the feed to be able to finance the banks people the feed obviously does not need financing it can print money but as it wants make up

His balance sheet he’s going to do a fake financing Just to be indebted on one side eeee play and play and push a money bomb on the other side it’s just an accounting makeup Because at the end of the story they’re going to raise the debt ceiling o US treasury will be

More indebted which in practice is the same thing as printing money ie US regulators are thinking that citizens are all idiots and now in Seara geopolitics and international finance is an analyst here at bloomber that analyzing Fred de Switzerland’s balance sheet

Is quantifying that 54 Billion Dollars or 50 million Swiss Francs which was what the credit to Switzerland withdrew from the Swiss Central Bank may not be enough to save this cheat bank so to speak and in the geopolitical realm the international criminal court issued the

Arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin He must be laughing because even the Americans do not recognize the jurisdiction of the international criminal court in The Hague even when that court tried to investigate the american atrocities in afghanistan and iraq the americans threatened to stop

The members of that court from stepping on american territory they even threatened every single judge on that court and putin obviously is shrugging off that court’s jurisdiction it’s like trying is fishing a white shark with a sardine hook, that is

, this international arrest warrant issued by this criminal court whose jurisdiction not even the North Americans recognize will come to nothing, and an analyst here at marketing watch reporting that the Fed’s move towards of obliging big banks to buy is certificates of deposit

Bank deposits from smaller banks will only spread the crisis even further and contaminate the financial system is entirely North American according to him this move by Fred that ended up fighting the big banks like Fargo it’s Goldman sax and well coffet America Oh that this yes they enjoy

Risk they bear systemic risk if they break it’s the pr Fred’s ession for these big banks to buy certificated deposits from these smaller banks is only spreading the nighting influence crisis even more to the North American bank. Sovereigns, so to speak, because if you

Can’t keep the dollar in the bank, you’ll save it where you can buy it in Bitcoin and store it in the LED Hernando or in a Trazor because the way things are going in the United States, in a little while,

Not one will be the fargo not even a bacon was America vain is it going to be a safe place for you to keep your financial asset In fact the American with this with these this collapse possible collapse of confidence in the North American banking system will probably oblige Fred is to stop

The increase in interest rates and eventually getting Fred back on the wheel of a mega money printing round ok guys thats it for today its just me i have an appointment but if nothing

Escapes the script I’ll be back tomorrow to analyze the btc itself stay with God and anyone who wants to suggest some analysis Just put it in the messages below stay with God until tomorrow great

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