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BITCOIN CRASH / BUY OPPERTUNITY | Cardano Oracle Has exiting news to share.

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Bitcoin What now? We talked about Bitcoins (BTC) possibly of revisiting the 36.5K area. If you look at the cryptocurrency market sentiment, it looks like this is highly realistic, we will consider our possibilities in our technical analysis.

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Charli3 is turning one year old, we will look into the catalyst proposals and the CNT bridging which will allow a migration of the Charli3 ERC-20 token to the Cardano Network. In addition,, we will give away 2000 C3 Token and 2 CNFTs, so-called cuties, to our community.
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00:00 Introduction/Summary
02:25 What Is An Oracle
05:06 Chainlink (LINK) Cardano Confusion
07:00 Damon From Charli3 (C3) Answers Community Questions
29:50 Charli3 (C3) Technical Analysis / C3 Token Giveaway
36:00 Bitcoin (BTC) Point & Figure / Imbalances
38:10 Bitcoin (BTC) Wyckoff Theory Analysis / Distribution or Accumulation
40:25 Bitcoin (BTC) Price Action Analysis
45:15 Closing Thoughts

Artist: NEFFEX
Song: Hustlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3doK
Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/neffexmu

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  1. I Have held 4000 C3 tokens from day one and will not sell cause my name is Charlie and I believe in me and you Charlie3!!!

  2. Lmao at the biker! Love this show and you guys! Thank you for bringing honesty to your community and keeping us safe from getting REKT. ❤️

  3. Beware of scammer in the comments guys. thanks for the show guys awesome videos and updates.

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