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  1. Who determines who's a criminal, the US government? They're chock full of criminals themselves. What a joke. Privacy is a natural right. There's no single person capable of policing another's privacy.

  2. Just look at that second reporter, just look into her eyes, she wants people to feel pain

  3. Avoid volatility? Volatility is one of those words used by people who want to sound clever. Volatile means alive. Buy it at $17K to $23K and wait. Those institutions are not buying playing trader games. They are buying for the long term 5+ years. When you have that much resource behind you, you move the market. At the moment Bitcoin price is driven by big players who kick the price around. That's why you should buy it, HODL it and avoid all that nonsense. You'll thank me in 4 years.

  4. nonsense, they always start with boogeymen (scare and fear tactics North Korea, how many times) and then they come for your freedoms and liberty.

  5. Hello! The time to buy any long term asset is when it is unusually DOWN not UP. Your ultimate profits are made when you buy, not when you sell. If you buy right, selling for a profit is easy.

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