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Bitcoin Facing a BIGGER THREAT Polygon Matic Makes A HUGE Move Aurora Chiliz Sky Rocket!!

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Bitcoin HANGS ON after NEW INTEREST RATE HIKES!! Terra’s Do Kwon SUMMONED BY SOUTH KOREAN GOVERNMENT!! Polygon quietly delivers A NEW LAUCH!! Axie Infinity gets HACKED AGAIN!!

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0:00 Major Headlines
0:31 Introduction
1:15 Bitcoin Glass Half Full
210 Terra CEO Do Kwon Summoned to Crash Hearing
3:02 Polygon Nightfall Mainnet Beta
3:41 Aurora+ Brings Huge Gains
4:09 THORWallet Integrates on Moonriver & Moonbeam
4:59 Chiliz Scoville Phase 2 Launch
5:17 Axie Infinity Discord Bot Hacked


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  1. I'm so sure that Crypto currency and NFTs will definitely outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat

  2. All these big YouTube channels and ppl refusing to talk about XRP/ XLM has me sure I’m moving in the right direction 😁

  3. Even with the fluctuation in the economy, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment everyday 10days.

  4. Interest rates have been the lowest ever in history,now stocks are getting smashed and bitcoin and alts get smashed because of interest rate hikes,only home owners really care about interest rates

  5. We all know that Do Kwon pulled the rug. How did his staff resign before luna sunk??

  6. We are all in this for a Return right?As of 10:00p.m. BITCOIN needs to add 550 Billion added to Mcap to get ROIX2. SPELL TOKEN only needs to add 116 Million for the same Return if you buy now Spell much better buy for Return..Learn Market Caps people…!!..

  7. I’m very happy I got a confirmation some minute ago from him, the stuff really works, I don’t regret knowing you, you’re the best so ever 😎😎

  8. I find it hard to keep up with what Natalie is saying, i keep getting lost in her eyes 🥰

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