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Right now, most crypto investors would be grateful for the Bitcoin price to reach $20,000. The spectacular collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has pushed down the price of BTC to the $16,000 level. And some traders are now suggesting that Bitcoin could touch $15,000 or lower before it ever sees $20,000 again.

So it’s interesting to see that California-based crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital is putting out what seems to be — at first glance — a ridiculously high price target of $149,000 for Bitcoin. According to Pantera Capital, the one catalyst that has the potential to drive Bitcoin significantly higher in the near-term future is the next Bitcoin halving, scheduled to take place in March 2024. But just how realistic is this price target?


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00:00 Trending
02:00 Market Watch
04:02 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
07:33 BTC Sees Record S2F Miss
11:00 SBF Lawyers Quit
14:04 1,400% Bitcoin Explosion Prediction
16:20 Grayscale Liquidation Alert
21:35 $150K Bitcoin Prediction by Pantera Capital
26:00 Live Q&A

Show Notes / News Resources:
✔ Bitcoin Technical Analysis:
✔ BTC Sees Record S2F Miss:
✔ SBF Lawyers Quit:
✔ 1,400% Bitcoin Explosion Prediction:
✔ Grayscale Liquidation Alert:
✔ Bitcoin $150K Prediction:

🔴 DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.​​​​​​​​ Always do your own research and never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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  1. Useful review! But now you should think about a stable income so it is more reliable to earn on Crypton cryptocurrency.

  2. Bearish sentiment….. bullish signal 📈

    Halving Hype' on the horizon ….🌔….🛸🛸. Litecoin reward 'halving' 2023 – Bitcoin 2024

    Last ‘round’ of ‘halvings’ signified the beginning of 2019 – 2021 price surge""

  3. Always< a great breakdown. I've learned so much from this channel following along with the chart analysis. Gotta remember that this time around the pump we had was not as big as other times. So the drop may not be as bad this time around too. It would make sense as well. That being said, I was able to raise 16 btc from day-trade with Kennet Gibbs in few weeks,so thank you for the info.

  4. < I love the grounded reality of this channel, its normal to see so many investors panic amid a worsening bearish market but it is also important to note that the market situation is nothing new in the crypto world. Several factors are driving negative sentiment in the stock and crypto markets right now including inflation, a shaky stock market, rising interest rates, and recession fears. As a result, bitcoin has dropped significantly from its all-time high, breaking below several key technical levels. As a crypto investor, the current situation might seem bleak. However, there are several tried and tested expert-suggested investment strategies that can help you accumulate the current crypto storm in few weeks of implementing trading with accurate signals from a renowned trader Jim Detterick I have been able to accumulate over 10.5btc despite the current state of the market.

  5. Stop making videos about dead crypto. Your predictions are terrible. Start being a realist, not a optimist.

  6. "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed." -Ray Goforth

  7. The El Salvadorian president digging himself a deeper hole, but I’m confident that Bitcoin will rebound. BTC is my least favorite crypto but probably the safest to swap fiat into right now. Ethereum is deflationary now.?hopefully soon enough it will pump the market. I value freedom and I don’t think people should be locked up over a mistake. That Draper quote is old. Of course he has to be confident in $hitcoin, he’s heavily invested and have to make crazy guesses.

  8. Working hard even on Saturdays! That's what get folks like me to stay. Have a great weekend.

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