BITCOIN: I AM SHORT!!!!! (btc price prediction)

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  2. It< makes sense, BTC and crypto is off helping to regulate, rather than pretend it won't ever happen. The big institutions getting in is the catalyst that will launch us into the stratosphere. Most people don't like change but after the change is made they grow used to it and it becomes a non issue usually because their fears never materialize. The projects that initiated the process of regulation have not been ruined, they got involved in setting guidelines and helping the regulators understand the crypto space. I’d get involved more knowing that I have made over 7 btc and 15ETH from day-trade with Mrs Stacy Huth in few weeks…

  3. Mrs Maria is legit and her methods works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  4. Been watching ur videos and updates 1/2 year already. Just wanted to say Thankyou..

  5. Every time I< watch a video of yours everything becomes clear, unlike almost all other channels I skip thru – a real gem this channel, keep it up mate. “The crypto market is witnessing a mini-rally with heavyweights like Bitcoin and Ethereum registering their best performance in recent times. It is important to note that bears can dominate the $1.76 billion Bitcoin monthly options expiry on Friday as Bitcoin has not managed to break the $24,000 resistance level," On the smaller wavecount, I agree the spike was the the end of a wave. If so, it looks like we had an A down, we’re now in a wave B of a wave 2 (in whatever wave level) and looking at the length of the A, we’ll see one more small dip (possibly retesting 23k or 23.3k for support) before moving up. The choppy sideways movement at least very much looks like a wave B. With what I’ve learned over two decades in the crypto market, given enough time, solid investments have the potential to double the initial principal amount, but many investors are instead attracted to the lure of high yields in short periods of time despite the possibility of unattractive losses before even getting out. So the onus is on newbies to beware. As an investor/trader, I took a couple of risks and managed to trade myself up to an extra 0.03 BTC in the last few months despite the bearish trends and being stuck in Aussie mandate hell. Last used that profit to trade some Matic but my stop loss kicked in for a small profit and then sitting on the sidelines. Still hodling BTC and ETH. Not bad for a nube I think. Could be much worse but coming across this great mentor Mrs. Robin Moore, everything have changed just in few weeks of trading with her trade strategy. My trading portfolio have been growing continuously because of her trading strategies and techniques. It yield good profits only if followed and pay attention to her teachings. Her trade strategies yield a lot of dividend only if you are paying attention to her instructions. For Help/Guidance on building/investing/financial portfolio. Reach out to her via Telegram @moorerobin or What'sapp +12132627458 ** ..

  6. I have followed you from last 2 weeks and never saw your trade going wrong! This is what experience is in the market! Keep bringing daily TA. Really beneficial for small investors.

  7. Its normal to see so many investors panic amid a worsening bearish market but it is also important to note that the market situation is nothing new in the crypto world. Several factors are driving negative sentiment in the stock and crypto markets right now including inflation, a shaky stock market, rising interest rates, and recession fears. As a result, bitcoin has dropped significantly from its all-time high, breaking below several key technical levels. As a crypto investor, the current situation might seem bleak. However, there are several tried and tested expert-suggested investment strategies that can help you weather the current crypto storm. In few weeks of shorting and trading with signals directly from Feven Lena, I have been able to accumulate over 9 btc despite the current state of the market.

  8. Can’t say big thank you to you boss you are the best ta YouTuber you just save my life I sold out all my alts bought at 20800 two hours ago 🙏🏻

  9. look at filecoin and yearn finance… up 50% today. Forget your piddly shorting.

  10. I want to learn everything from you! BTC also just touched the upper resistance of the channel perfectly and got rejected. Just like you said!

  11. You want People to use your referal links ans you tell them to short bitcoin so they get rekt and you earn on their losses🤣👉🍆

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