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Bitcoin Miners Insolvent? w/ Sue Ennis @Hut 8 Mining Corp

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On this episode, we’re discussing the FTX contagion spreading across the crypto industry and markets, Bitcoin Mining difficulties, institutional investors, and regulation.

Guest: Sue Ennis, Hut 8 Mining – Head of Investor Relations, Corporate Development and Marketing
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~Bitcoin Miners Insolvent? w/ Sue Ennis @Hut 8 Mining Corp ~
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  1. Question. Could the Bitcoin ecosystem potentially crash? If BTC goes sub $10k most miners will fold and who would be left to run the blockchain ecosystem? Am I looking at this right?

  2. Thanks for the mention Paul and thank you for your accurate interpretation of my tweet.

    I was the first analyst to report the level of debt being serviced by a number of the large NASDAQ BTC miners and now we’re seeing a few on the verge of Chapter 11.

  3. Did she talk about the open ATM to be used to dilute shareholders to keep the power on? Speaking of power did they resolve their power contract issues?

  4. As a Canadian, my HUT investment is my only exposure to the crypto space so far. When she said HUT is "super debt averse," it makes me think my money is in good hands. Keep up the good work Sue.

  5. Ridiculous. Bitcoin is down 75% from its ATH and in the past it went >85% in bear markets. Why didn’t they all prepare? I don’t get it

  6. 14:46 "Bitcoin most likely" ??? Paul, ALTS are Dead, They're dead. Dead.

    Any unregulated leveraged tokens trading on an unregulated exchange are over for sensible people. Those degens who haven't gained a scintilla of knowledge from the FTX debacle are beyond help.

    Decentralised, self-custody on cold wallets is the only way forward.

  7. These interviews need to be capped at 20 mins tops. Paul is great but the shows are general too long.

  8. Markets are fantastic at the moment so there's good paths for all crypto to rise from here. Ukraine peace talks. Chinese housing construction assistance. Stock Markets up. DXY down. Inflation down.

  9. True or False: The longer this particular bear market goes on, the more likely BTC will go down further.

  10. Hmm.. let me see should I put my money on BTC or a crappy digital dollar? hard choice🤔

  11. Good interview, Sue is obviously bright, and the company with low debt in these times seems to be 'on the case' .

  12. all major oil companies will be Bitcoin miners ….Dig an isolated gas well …fix it with bitcoin mining rig … pipelines necessary… , no environmental activists …Oil companies will be the next Bankers backed by BITcoin ( solid) …. HUT 8 is itself a prime takeover target for an oil company…..hmmm.

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