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0:00 – Trillion Dollar Asset Manager Blackrock Partners with Coinbase Offering Bitcoin
0:23 – Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on Bitcoin as a Reserve Currency
2:56 – Natalie Burnell Calls out Ethereum as a Security
5:14 – CNBC Anchor Suggests Everything Other Than Bitcoin is a Security
6:54 – Cory Klippsten Gives You The Chance To Sell Your Shitcoins
8:05 – Kevin Zhou of Galois Capital Outlines Ethereum’s Merge Market Chaos
9:03 – Saylor Calls out Ethereum For Being a Security For Constantly Changing it’s Protocol
9:35 – Kory Klippsten Goes After Ethereum And it’s Managers at ConsenSys
12:38 – New Bitcoiner Sets Up Node in Africa
13:11 – Natalie Burnell on Global Bitcoin Adoption in Africa & Latin America
13:52 – Modular Bitcoin Miners in Ireland
14:39 – Riot Blockchain Earned Energy Credits by Shutting Down, is Short Bitcoin

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  1. When blackrock get involved you should pull out. Blackrock is the enemy of freedom. They also could have destroyed BTC if they wanted with the low Marketcap is has.

  2. Why do all these institutions act like Coinbase is an amazing company. Can’t any of these institutions figure out self custody? Just because they’re a public company??

  3. I've strongly disagreed with Natalie's endorsement of laissez faire capitalism in the past, which results in socioeconomic bifurcation and consolidation of wealth and power in an elite cabal. However, her Bitcoin maxi spiel here was absolutely spot-on, ticked all the right boxes.

  4. Natalie Brunell, I hope you read this.

    You understand Bitcoin.

    What a beautiful and accurate and elegant way to talk about Bitcoin! Bravo! More please.

  5. China ain’t goin anywhere and the US isn’t going down. The US is shedding itself of globalism and this will take a while to complete. Recency bias is a bitch and that’s the major flaw with his book, he assumes far too much. I mean he really just assumes we’re collapsing and not undergoing a paradigm shift and he does this for dramatic effect.

  6. I own ETH, but very little, which I purchased circa 2019. I don’t believe in it anymore; however, I’m naturally a Hodler whether that be Bitcoin or be it any blue chip equity. I do feel that there are already many large entities in high power positions who have a stake in ETH. For that reason it just makes sense for me to hold it and see what happens. I’m certainly not increasing that small allocation.

  7. How can ETH 2 pay those who stake a decent reward while at the same time burning the total amount of ETH available? It sounds like a Perpetual Motion Machine. Somebody is trying to sell investors a "Free Lunch" which is physically impossible in any system.

  8. There is currently less than 9% of all Bitcoin left to be mined. Every day another 900 are gone.

  9. There is currently less than 9% of all Bitcoin left to be mined. Every day another 900 are gone.

  10. The next reserve currency needs to be decentralized and independent/neutral. This will allow for stabilized systems for every country.

  11. A world where there is no inflation is the world we all look for. 1btc = 1btc . It never changes with borders.

  12. Blackrock is evil, Coinbase is evil. Natalie Brunell is fiat as fuck, Entertainment Tonight style. Bald guy uses word 'crypto', which is anti-freedom.

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