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Bitcoin Trading Strategy +1118% PROFIT FULL TUTORIAL!!! 💰 zigzag scalping

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Hey guys welcome back to kryptalina channel this macd strategy that I’m going to show you is probably the highest win rate strategy ever tested on this channel on the 5 minute time frame it’s super easy to follow it works on every market and most importantly it

Makes a lot of money by the way this strategy is not based on the traditional macd indicator everyone else is using it includes an improved version of this indicator that works 10 times better but before we start don’t forget to subscribe to my telegram group where I

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Your 8 000 bonus for free all the history link will be in the description and in the first pin comment so let’s get started okay let’s open gbb gpui on a five minutes time frame and add our secret iMessage indicator to the Chart so we will search for AK macd BB foreign

As we can see this indicator looks much differently from the regular macd it comes with a zero line three types of different moving average and bar colors for our strategy we are not going to need the bar color so let’s disable them there are multiple ways how you can

Utilize this tool in this video I’m going to show you the smartest and the most efficient way of using it even though I believe this indicator is a great tool and it provides crazy accurate signals we still need to add two more indicators to the charge to eliminate potential for signals foreign Now let’s double click on indicator and in the star section let’s get rid of everything except for the ma Baseline and the bar colors In the input section let’s change the Baseline lens from 60 to 30 and the Baseline time from HMA to Ema and finally let’s access the settings on his volume indicator and get rid of the bar colors okay we finished with our adjustments now let’s understand how these two

Indicators will help us eliminate the four signals issued by the macd indicator so first let’s start with this SSL hybrid this is a very powerful Trend filter we will use it to confirm the entries given by the Mac team generally speaking we are only going to be looking

To buy when the price action is closed above the AMA and the line is blue color for cell signals to be confirmed the price action must be closed below the EMA and the EMA has to be read and to increase our chances of success even

More we are going to be looking at this volume indicator every time we place buy and sell orders as you can see this indicator displays buys and sellers volumes this is a very useful indicator because for example our strategy gives us a signal to sell but a volume

Indicator is telling us that the bias can is higher in this situation we wouldn’t take that short trade because the overall volume is bullish okay now we know how these indicators work let’s proceed to the exact rules for entering loan and short trade so here are the

Conditions for entering a short trade so first the price action must be moving below the EMA and then it has to create a pullback the pullback is confirmed when the image change its color from red TO gray or from red to blue if the price action is touching the email but the

Line doesn’t change the color the pullback is not confirmed second once we had this pullback we are going to be waiting for the micg to issue a new continuation short signal for that a red circle must appear on the indicator and most importantly this circle shouldn’t touch across the zero level while they

Be in green like it happened right here for example because this automatically cancels a continuation signal and the last condition we need to have for entering a short trade is to help the seller strands about 50 at the time the macd indicator issues a new short signal

The stop loss can be said either the email line or the recent swing high and for this strategy we’re going to be targeting one and the half times the risk if the volume indicator doesn’t come from a Stalin pressure at the time the signal was issued by not waiting for

It to catch up very simply waiting for a new signal okay let’s see one more short example so here we see the price action was moving below the EMA and then it pulled back into the pullback is valid because the EMA changed this column we are looking down in the macd indicator

And we’ve seen that we have a new world continuation short signal as we can see the circles didn’t touch across the zero level while there were being green by the way here is an example where the signals wouldn’t be valid and finally we’re looking at the volume indicator

For a third confirmation we’ve seen that the seller strength is greater than the buy strands and this gives us a confidence to enter a short trade Foreign First the price action is moving about the EMA and then it pulls back into it the pullback is valid only when we have the image changing its color from Blue to gray or from Blue to red and once we have a confirmed pullback we are going

To be looking at the macd indicator for a continuational loan signal so a new green circle must appear on the indicator and most importantly the circles must not touch across the zero level while they’ve been read and finally we’re going to be looking at the volume indicator for a sufficient bias

Trend if this Trends is over 50 we can confidently enter a long position the stop loss can be set either the EMA or the recent win law and we’re going to be targeting one and a half times the risk foreign You definitely have to make sure that you follow the exact rules I just showed you a device the strategy want work okay let’s see one more long example so here we see the price action made a valid pullback the macd indicator issued a new continuation long signal and the

Bias Trends is 55 percent Notice when the market is moving sideways but usually have the macd circles touching it or crossing the zero level you can also spot a ranging market with the help of this volume indicator if the volume is 50 there is usually an indecision going on so avoid taking

Trades during these times as much as you can okay Traders now you know the exact rules of this strategy let’s proceed to our back testing to find out is it true win rate Foreign Foreign Thank you Okay so I tested the strategy 100 times I found those setups within four months as we can see the results are crazy good just like I promised at the beginning of this video the bid rate is 74 and we gained the 427.03 percent of profit on our account

The profit Vector is 4.27 and we had six consequential points against two consecutive losses the maximal drawdown doesn’t exceed even five percent which is really impressive but this is only the back testing phase you must understand that all back tests are unique don’t waste your investment decisions

Off on this advice or you must forward test every session of this paper money before trading live by the way the spreads and fees are not included it also affects the real results but despite all the strategies still shows amazing results I definitely recommend it go ahead and test it on different

Markets and different time frames as well okay I think that’s all for now I hope you like this video if you found this information useful by the way I found a secret hack to increase the win rate for almost any strategy if you want to know which hack I use you can check

Out this video right here so it’s all for now bye

Bitcoin Trading Strategy +1118% PROFIT FULL TUTORIAL!!! 💰 zigzag scalping

Day Trading for beginners. In this video you will finally discover how to trade well with support and resistance, the foundation for profitable trading.

in today’s video i focus mainly on the novice traders who are not yet profitable. However, if you’re already a profitable trader and you want to expand your knowledge you can of course also watch this video. This is because in this video i take you through one of the most important
Strategies you need to know as a trader. Namely, the support and resistance trading strategy. The most successful traders in the world all trade with support and resistance, but novice traders don’t always seem to want to learn it. That’s why i’m helping you out today.
Trading on support and resistance is still perceived as difficult by beginners but actually it’s quite simple.
You just need to figure out how it works. After watching this video you’ll know exactly how to find support and resistance, how to trade on support and resistance, and how to earn a full-time income with this. As the title indicates you can easily turn 100 into ten thousand dollars with this strategy.

The information on this YouTube channel and the resources available are for educational and informational purposes only. The content of this YouTube is not an investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other advice or recommendation.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small commission. I won’t put anything here that I haven’t verified and/or personally used myself.

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