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Bitcoin vs. Gold Ultra Fast Arbitrage Live Trading HFT UPPER 21K

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Trading transactions were concluded on the difference in quotes from different cryptocurrency exchanges over several
months. Arbitrage situations arise periodically between different exchanges, and the program automatically tracks
quotes to find the most profitable pair of transactions for the buy and sell of Crypto currencies.
Other cryptocurrencies are also available in the program: #ethereum #litecoin #ripple #bitcoincash #dash #monero #iot #zcash #tron #nem But the program shows the most profitability on high volatility and jumps in the Bitcoin
exchange rate.
New exchanges will be added regularly, so we can add any new crypto currency exchange at your request. You can start
trading both with one pair of exchanges on the minimum amount of lots, or use all the stock exchanges available in the
program. We have developed a unique interface that allows you to make multi leg arbitrage trading – that is, comparison
and made arbitrage trading between all available exchanges.


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