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Bitcoin's New Low, Revisiting 2021 and What Does It Mean for the Bitcoin Price Chart?

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Hi, I am the Blockchain Backer, bringing you the latest cryptocurrency news and analysis. The content of my channel primarily focuses on crypto news, motivation, and chart analysis on the XRP chart, Bitcoin chart, various Altcoin charts, and market cap charts.

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  1. If all indicators are broken, and nothing is acting like its supposed to, could it be that its possible that bitcoin has POPPED? And that's truely it for BTC?

  2. At this point I'm just riding the bad narrative. I'm beyond charts and beyond macro, I am just clinging on like a limpit. I think they will try to shake more people out before this all blows over.

  3. As always, your the best and most consistent in your analysis and scenarios.. keep rocking BCB 👍🏻

  4. Hi BCB, please do a deep dive into ethereum and XRP like this? Giving your thoughts on where these are headed in the next 3 to 4 years. Assuming XRP wins the case and gets clarity.

    You have made a solid case that bitcoin won't set a new all time high, but I am curious on what you think will happen to ethereum and xrp considering Bitcoin normally drives the market.

  5. Hello. Love your videos. Can you please explain why in yesterdays video you said you were a buyer of alts at these prices, but yet today said that btc could quite possibly go to 3K which would destroy your alt investments? Seems a little contradictory.

  6. Lots of nostalgia listening back to that stream! , plus I forgot how much better your Audio is now after that new mic 🎤!

  7. It's amazing to see how you were right in long run predictions. And it's crazy to see people hate on twitter because you don't nail every short time like week prediction lol

  8. That scenario you just drawn, you're saying it is silly. You know it could actually be true how that will behave. And then it will be called, simply put, institutional trading.
    Because look at the S&P / NASDAQ, that IS how it tipicially behaves, just not -85% type bs.. No, its always looking like a trumpet type fractal and then on the 3rd break of the high it moves for 10yrs..

  9. Best video for a long time!! BTC vs Gold looks like BTC is breaking down again from consolidation. It has -21% before support and a potential double bottom. A similar drop against the dollar would be mid $13k but that's pure speculation on the relevance.🤔

  10. So BCB is saying that there is high possibility that BTC will go to 12k-14k, then move up to 35k-40k and then will crash down to 3k? Is this correct?

  11. I am from Germany and in the last 12 months I saw every Video from you BCB! ❤️🙏 I am absolutly thankful for people like you 😍🥰 You are a LEGEND! ❤️🫡

  12. Can only assume that narrative wise, there will be some kind of global ban on btc due to environmental issues while the ones deemed energy efficient will be OK. XRP and ETH to take over the top rankings

  13. Yo BCB I think we need to consider that bitcoins cycles are broken and this could be the de throning of bitcoin. A new crypto king will rise.

  14. My guess price action is different because market makers know that people after all the cycles before can anticipate moves more, so it makes sense that they shake things up to confuse everybody to make more money for them 🤷🏻‍♂️

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