BitTorrent – BTT


BitTorrent is the Number 81 Cryptocurrency in the World.The 6.05395E-7 symbol is BTT and Market Cap is 577713822 Dollars.BTT ATH Was 3.43E-6 at 2022-01-21T04:00:31.909Z and ATL was 5.77431E-7 at 2023-05-26T13:45:16.603Z.

In the last 24h, BTT high was 6.17765E-7$ And the low was 6.02915E-7$

BitTorrent info:

  • Name: BitTorrent
  • Symbol: BTT
  • MarketCap: 577713822$
  • Rank: 81
  • Price: 6.05395E-7 USD
  • Categories:
  • Original Network : tron

Price Info

BitTorrent Price Info

Today Price 6.05395E-7$
ATH Price Percentage Change To Now -82.30274%
ATH Date 2022-01-21T04:00:31.909Z
ATL (ALL TIME LOW) 5.77431E-7$
ATL Price Percentage Change To Now 5.16457%
ATL Date 2023-05-26T13:45:16.603Z
Market Cap 577713822$
Total Volume 13352711$
High 24h 6.17765E-7$
Low 24h 6.02915E-7$
Price Change Percentage in 7 Day 0.63903%
Price Change Percentage in 30 Day -5.56755%
Price Change Percentage in 60 Day -3.15765%
Price Change Percentage in 200 Day -14.99291%
Price Change Percentage in a Year -41.40871%

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What is BitTorrent Cryptocurrency?

BitTorrent is a decentralized peer-to-peer file-sharing system that is built on the blockchain technology allowing for users to transfer digital data, including but not limited to music, videos and documents, in a secure and trustless way. It was originally created by Bram Cohen in 2001 and the core protocol has remained fairly unchanged since then. BitTorrent has since become one of the largest P2P networks in the world, allowing for users to share and download various types of files quickly and easily. BitTorrent cryptocurrency is a digital asset that has recently been developed using the same underlying technology as the BitTorrent network to enable pay-per-use transactions and decentralized file sharing.

The BitTorrent cryptocurrency has been developed as an extension of the BitTorrent protocol, allowing users to pay for downloads in a secure and private manner. Unlike traditional online payments, the transactions conducted with BitTorrent cryptocurrency are completely private and untraceable, as no personal information is disclosed. This eliminates the risks of identity theft and encourages users to participate in the network without fear of their information becoming public.

Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the BitTorrent token (BTT) does not work as a payment currency. Instead, it is designed to facilitate more efficient interactions on the BitTorrent network by rewarding both content creators and consumers for participating in the network. Content creators are rewarded for seeding files, while content consumers are rewarded for downloading and distributing files. This new system of payment encourages content creators to share their work as it directly benefits them financially, creating a reward system for content creators and incentivizing file seeding, thus creating a more efficient network.

The BitTorrent cryptocurrency is built with the Tron protocol, a blockchain-based platform developed to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that require powerful mining machines to keep the network running, Tron requires almost no computing power. This makes it much more affordable for users to participate in the network, as they can easily download the software necessary to contribute to the network.

The BitTorrent cryptocurrency also offers a number of advantages over traditional forms of payment due to being built on the blockchain technology. Transactions are faster and more cost-effective than traditional banking, allowing for payments to be made quickly and securely. Additionally, transactions are immutable, meaning that they can not be tampered with or reversed, providing users with the assurance that transactions are secure.

The BitTorrent cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize the way online content is shared and consumed. The secure, private nature of its transactions encourages users to safely contribute to the network and receive rewards, while the fast payments allow for content creators to be rewarded quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, the BitTorrent cryptocurrency offers a new way to interact on the BitTorrent network, incentivizing users to share and consume content.


In conclusion, BitTorrent cryptocurrency is a decentralized peer-to-peer file-sharing system that is built on the blockchain technology allowing for users to securely transfer digital data. It has the potential to revolutionize the way online content is shared and consumed, as it offers secure and private transactions that are faster and more cost-efficient than traditional banking. Additionally, the security of the transactions is immutable, giving users the assurance that their transactions are secure. BitTorrent cryptocurrency is an exciting development in the world of digital file sharing and it has the potential to change the way we interact on the BitTorrent network.

Exchanges List. where To Buy BitTorrent BTT

Name Trust Price Link
Binance yellow 6.1E-7
TokoCrypto yellow 6.0E-7
WhiteBIT yellow 6.056E-7
Uniswap V2 (Ethereum) yellow 3.2178973409131E-10
BitMart yellow 6.05E-7
Huobi yellow 6.054E-7
MEXC Global yellow 6.075E-7 yellow 6.063E-7
Binance yellow 6.1E-7
Poloniex yellow 6.054E-7
Bitget yellow 6.054E-7
Binance yellow 1.265E-5
Bitfinex yellow 6.0E-7
MEXC Global yellow 6.077E-7
BKEX yellow 6.063E-7
OKX yellow 6.07E-7 yellow 3.191E-10
KuCoin yellow 6.05E-7
Poloniex yellow 6.069E-7
AscendEX (BitMax) yellow 6.0E-7
Huobi yellow 6.062E-7
Paribu yellow 1.259E-5
CEX.IO yellow 6.1E-7
Bybit yellow 6.07E-7
CEX.IO yellow 5.7E-7
Huobi yellow 6.052E-7
BTCEX yellow 6.1E-7
Poloniex yellow 7.89E-6 yellow 1.28E-5
BingX yellow 6.1E-7
LBank yellow 6.151E-7
CoinEx yellow 6.084E-7
Upbit yellow 0.0008
CoinEx yellow 6.044E-7
Kraken yellow 6.1E-7
Bithumb yellow 0.0008
BitBNS yellow 6.1E-5
CoinDCX red 6.0E-7
Bitubu Exchange red 6.07E-7 red 6.07E-7
Bitrue red 1.255E-6
Bitrue red 6.05E-7
Bitrue red 1.595E-6
Pionex red 6.021E-7
Kraken red 5.6E-7
CoinDCX red 5.25E-5
Bitrue 5.9E-7
Bitrue 5.8E-7 7.814938909909E-6 1651790.2262777
AltcoinTrader 1.19E-5 128067.97349564 1369.3646404319
Poloniex yellow 6.083E-7
CoinDCX 0.02282
CoinDCX 8.2E-7
CoinDCX 1.2E-5
CoinDCX 1.997
Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) red 3.3246306346493E-10
CEX.IO red 6.2E-7 5.8E-7
BitGlobal 5.49E-7 9766.3000905518
CoinTiger 3.8E-7 1684964.2491721

Historical Price List

05/29/2022 1.09E-6 9.1E-7 1.07E-6 1.04E-6
05/30/2022 1.39E-6 9.2E-7 1.04E-6 1.15E-6
05/31/2022 1.18E-6 1.04E-6 1.15E-6 1.15E-6
06/01/2022 1.15E-6 1.0E-6 1.15E-6 1.09E-6
06/02/2022 1.1E-6 1.0E-6 1.09E-6 1.08E-6
06/03/2022 1.11E-6 1.02E-6 1.08E-6 1.06E-6
06/04/2022 1.09E-6 1.03E-6 1.06E-6 1.09E-6
06/05/2022 1.11E-6 8.9E-7 1.09E-6 1.11E-6
06/06/2022 1.21E-6 1.09E-6 1.11E-6 1.15E-6
06/07/2022 1.19E-6 1.04E-6 1.15E-6 1.12E-6
06/08/2022 1.14E-6 1.05E-6 1.12E-6 1.06E-6
06/09/2022 1.08E-6 9.8E-7 1.06E-6 1.05E-6
06/10/2022 1.09E-6 9.6E-7 1.05E-6 1.02E-6
06/11/2022 1.04E-6 9.4E-7 1.02E-6 9.7E-7
06/12/2022 1.02E-6 9.0E-7 9.7E-7 9.6E-7
06/13/2022 9.7E-7 7.6E-7 9.6E-7 8.4E-7
06/14/2022 8.6E-7 6.9E-7 8.4E-7 8.6E-7
06/15/2022 8.6E-7 7.1E-7 8.6E-7 8.2E-7
06/16/2022 8.6E-7 7.1E-7 8.2E-7 7.6E-7
06/17/2022 8.6E-7 7.3E-7 7.6E-7 8.0E-7
06/18/2022 8.1E-7 6.5E-7 8.0E-7 7.5E-7
06/19/2022 8.0E-7 6.5E-7 7.5E-7 8.0E-7
06/20/2022 8.3E-7 6.7E-7 8.0E-7 8.0E-7
06/21/2022 8.5E-7 7.9E-7 8.0E-7 8.2E-7
06/22/2022 8.3E-7 7.7E-7 8.2E-7 7.8E-7
06/23/2022 8.2E-7 6.9E-7 7.8E-7 8.1E-7
06/24/2022 9.7E-7 8.0E-7 8.1E-7 9.0E-7
06/25/2022 9.4E-7 8.5E-7 9.0E-7 8.9E-7
06/26/2022 9.0E-7 8.5E-7 8.9E-7 8.7E-7
06/27/2022 9.0E-7 8.2E-7 8.7E-7 8.3E-7
06/28/2022 1.04E-6 8.2E-7 8.3E-7 9.3E-7
06/29/2022 9.9E-7 7.9E-7 9.3E-7 8.5E-7
06/30/2022 8.5E-7 7.6E-7 8.5E-7 8.1E-7
07/01/2022 8.3E-7 7.9E-7 8.1E-7 8.0E-7
07/02/2022 8.3E-7 7.9E-7 8.0E-7 8.1E-7
07/03/2022 8.2E-7 7.9E-7 8.1E-7 8.1E-7
07/04/2022 9.0E-7 8.1E-7 8.1E-7 8.9E-7
07/05/2022 9.1E-7 8.3E-7 8.9E-7 8.7E-7
07/06/2022 9.2E-7 7.9E-7 8.7E-7 8.9E-7
07/07/2022 9.5E-7 8.3E-7 8.9E-7 9.5E-7
07/08/2022 9.7E-7 8.9E-7 9.5E-7 9.2E-7
07/09/2022 9.4E-7 9.0E-7 9.2E-7 9.3E-7
07/10/2022 9.3E-7 8.9E-7 9.3E-7 9.0E-7
07/11/2022 9.1E-7 8.5E-7 9.0E-7 8.7E-7
07/12/2022 8.8E-7 8.1E-7 8.7E-7 8.2E-7
07/13/2022 8.4E-7 8.0E-7 8.2E-7 8.3E-7
07/14/2022 8.6E-7 7.8E-7 8.3E-7 8.5E-7
07/15/2022 8.8E-7 8.4E-7 8.5E-7 8.6E-7
07/16/2022 9.2E-7 8.5E-7 8.6E-7 9.0E-7
07/17/2022 9.2E-7 8.7E-7 9.0E-7 9.0E-7
07/18/2022 9.5E-7 8.7E-7 9.0E-7 9.4E-7
07/19/2022 1.12E-6 8.4E-7 9.4E-7 9.3E-7
07/20/2022 9.6E-7 9.0E-7 9.3E-7 9.3E-7
07/21/2022 9.4E-7 8.7E-7 9.3E-7 9.4E-7
07/22/2022 9.6E-7 9.1E-7 9.4E-7 9.2E-7
07/23/2022 9.5E-7 9.0E-7 9.2E-7 9.1E-7
07/24/2022 9.8E-7 9.1E-7 9.1E-7 9.4E-7
07/25/2022 9.4E-7 8.8E-7 9.4E-7 8.8E-7
07/26/2022 8.8E-7 8.3E-7 8.8E-7 8.6E-7
07/27/2022 9.3E-7 8.5E-7 8.6E-7 9.2E-7
07/28/2022 9.8E-7 9.2E-7 9.2E-7 9.5E-7
07/29/2022 9.7E-7 9.3E-7 9.5E-7 9.5E-7
07/30/2022 9.7E-7 9.4E-7 9.5E-7 9.5E-7
07/31/2022 1.01E-6 9.4E-7 9.5E-7 9.7E-7
08/01/2022 1.12E-6 9.2E-7 9.7E-7 9.7E-7
08/02/2022 1.03E-6 9.5E-7 9.7E-7 9.8E-7
08/03/2022 1.0E-6 9.6E-7 9.8E-7 9.6E-7
08/04/2022 9.8E-7 9.5E-7 9.6E-7 9.5E-7
08/05/2022 9.9E-7 9.5E-7 9.5E-7 9.8E-7
08/06/2022 1.02E-6 9.7E-7 9.8E-7 9.8E-7
08/07/2022 9.9E-7 9.6E-7 9.8E-7 9.8E-7
08/08/2022 1.0E-6 9.6E-7 9.8E-7 9.9E-7
08/09/2022 9.9E-7 9.5E-7 9.9E-7 9.7E-7
08/10/2022 1.04E-6 9.5E-7 9.7E-7 1.01E-6
08/11/2022 1.03E-6 1.0E-6 1.01E-6 1.0E-6
08/12/2022 1.02E-6 9.6E-7 1.0E-6 1.01E-6
08/13/2022 1.04E-6 1.0E-6 1.01E-6 1.01E-6
08/14/2022 1.04E-6 9.9E-7 1.01E-6 1.01E-6
08/15/2022 1.03E-6 9.8E-7 1.01E-6 9.9E-7
08/16/2022 1.02E-6 9.7E-7 9.9E-7 1.0E-6
08/17/2022 1.01E-6 9.5E-7 1.0E-6 9.6E-7
08/18/2022 9.8E-7 9.5E-7 9.6E-7 9.6E-7
08/19/2022 9.6E-7 8.4E-7 9.6E-7 8.8E-7
08/20/2022 9.1E-7 8.6E-7 8.8E-7 8.8E-7
08/21/2022 9.5E-7 8.7E-7 8.8E-7 9.3E-7
08/22/2022 9.9E-7 8.6E-7 9.3E-7 8.9E-7
08/23/2022 9.1E-7 8.8E-7 8.9E-7 9.0E-7
08/24/2022 9.3E-7 8.1E-7 9.0E-7 9.0E-7
08/25/2022 9.6E-7 9.0E-7 9.0E-7 9.1E-7
08/26/2022 9.3E-7 8.4E-7 9.1E-7 8.6E-7
08/27/2022 9.0E-7 8.5E-7 8.6E-7 8.8E-7
08/28/2022 8.8E-7 8.5E-7 8.8E-7 8.6E-7
08/29/2022 8.9E-7 7.8E-7 8.6E-7 8.8E-7
08/30/2022 9.1E-7 8.6E-7 8.8E-7 8.8E-7
08/31/2022 9.3E-7 8.7E-7 8.8E-7 8.7E-7
09/01/2022 9.0E-7 8.6E-7 8.7E-7 8.8E-7
09/02/2022 9.1E-7 8.7E-7 8.8E-7 8.9E-7
09/03/2022 9.0E-7 8.6E-7 8.9E-7 8.7E-7
09/04/2022 9.0E-7 8.6E-7 8.7E-7 8.9E-7
09/05/2022 9.0E-7 8.7E-7 8.9E-7 8.9E-7
09/06/2022 9.7E-7 8.6E-7 8.9E-7 8.7E-7
09/07/2022 9.0E-7 8.4E-7 8.7E-7 8.9E-7
09/08/2022 9.0E-7 8.6E-7 8.9E-7 8.9E-7
09/09/2022 1.02E-6 8.8E-7 8.9E-7 9.5E-7
09/10/2022 9.5E-7 8.7E-7 9.5E-7 9.1E-7
09/11/2022 9.8E-7 9.1E-7 9.1E-7 9.1E-7
09/12/2022 9.3E-7 9.0E-7 9.1E-7 9.1E-7
09/13/2022 9.1E-7 8.5E-7 9.1E-7 8.7E-7
09/14/2022 9.1E-7 7.7E-7 8.7E-7 8.8E-7
09/15/2022 9.1E-7 8.1E-7 8.8E-7 8.3E-7
09/16/2022 8.6E-7 7.8E-7 8.3E-7 8.3E-7
09/17/2022 8.5E-7 8.1E-7 8.3E-7 8.5E-7
09/18/2022 8.5E-7 7.8E-7 8.5E-7 8.0E-7
09/19/2022 8.1E-7 7.7E-7 8.0E-7 8.1E-7
09/20/2022 8.2E-7 7.7E-7 8.1E-7 7.9E-7
09/21/2022 8.2E-7 7.6E-7 7.9E-7 7.8E-7
09/22/2022 8.0E-7 7.6E-7 7.8E-7 8.0E-7
09/23/2022 8.3E-7 7.8E-7 8.0E-7 8.0E-7
09/24/2022 8.4E-7 7.9E-7 8.0E-7 8.3E-7
09/25/2022 8.4E-7 7.7E-7 8.3E-7 7.8E-7
09/26/2022 8.0E-7 7.3E-7 7.8E-7 7.9E-7
09/27/2022 8.1E-7 7.1E-7 7.9E-7 7.6E-7
09/28/2022 7.9E-7 7.6E-7 7.6E-7 7.9E-7
09/29/2022 8.1E-7 7.6E-7 7.9E-7 7.7E-7
09/30/2022 8.1E-7 7.6E-7 7.7E-7 7.9E-7
10/01/2022 7.9E-7 7.6E-7 7.9E-7 7.8E-7
10/02/2022 8.0E-7 7.5E-7 7.8E-7 7.7E-7
10/03/2022 8.5E-7 7.7E-7 7.7E-7 7.8E-7
10/04/2022 8.2E-7 7.7E-7 7.8E-7 8.0E-7
10/05/2022 8.2E-7 7.6E-7 8.0E-7 8.0E-7
10/06/2022 8.1E-7 7.8E-7 8.0E-7 7.9E-7
10/07/2022 8.0E-7 7.7E-7 7.9E-7 7.8E-7
10/08/2022 7.9E-7 7.6E-7 7.8E-7 7.7E-7
10/09/2022 7.9E-7 7.6E-7 7.7E-7 7.8E-7
10/10/2022 7.9E-7 7.6E-7 7.8E-7 7.7E-7
10/11/2022 8.3E-7 7.5E-7 7.7E-7 7.7E-7
10/12/2022 7.8E-7 7.5E-7 7.7E-7 7.8E-7
10/13/2022 8.1E-7 7.3E-7 7.8E-7 7.7E-7
10/14/2022 8.6E-7 7.6E-7 7.7E-7 8.0E-7
10/15/2022 8.2E-7 7.6E-7 8.0E-7 7.7E-7
10/16/2022 7.8E-7 7.6E-7 7.7E-7 7.8E-7
10/17/2022 8.0E-7 7.6E-7 7.8E-7 7.9E-7
10/18/2022 8.0E-7 7.6E-7 7.9E-7 7.7E-7
10/19/2022 7.8E-7 7.4E-7 7.7E-7 7.8E-7
10/20/2022 7.8E-7 7.6E-7 7.8E-7 7.7E-7
10/21/2022 7.8E-7 7.5E-7 7.7E-7 7.7E-7
10/22/2022 7.8E-7 7.4E-7 7.7E-7 7.6E-7
10/23/2022 8.0E-7 7.5E-7 7.6E-7 7.8E-7
10/24/2022 7.9E-7 7.5E-7 7.8E-7 7.7E-7
10/25/2022 8.2E-7 7.5E-7 7.7E-7 8.1E-7
10/26/2022 8.4E-7 7.9E-7 8.1E-7 8.3E-7
10/27/2022 8.4E-7 7.4E-7 8.3E-7 8.1E-7
10/28/2022 8.2E-7 7.8E-7 8.1E-7 8.2E-7
10/29/2022 8.8E-7 8.0E-7 8.2E-7 8.3E-7
10/30/2022 8.6E-7 8.2E-7 8.3E-7 8.3E-7
10/31/2022 8.4E-7 7.9E-7 8.3E-7 8.2E-7
11/01/2022 8.3E-7 7.9E-7 8.2E-7 8.2E-7
11/02/2022 8.3E-7 7.8E-7 8.2E-7 7.8E-7
11/03/2022 8.2E-7 7.7E-7 7.8E-7 8.0E-7
11/04/2022 8.4E-7 7.9E-7 8.0E-7 8.4E-7
11/05/2022 8.4E-7 8.2E-7 8.4E-7 8.3E-7
11/06/2022 8.4E-7 8.0E-7 8.3E-7 8.1E-7
11/07/2022 8.2E-7 7.8E-7 8.1E-7 8.0E-7
11/08/2022 8.1E-7 6.8E-7 8.0E-7 7.3E-7
11/09/2022 9.7E-7 6.7E-7 7.3E-7 9.4E-7
11/10/2022 2.81E-6 6.7E-7 9.4E-7 7.6E-7
11/11/2022 1.28E-6 6.8E-7 7.6E-7 7.0E-7
11/12/2022 7.9E-7 6.4E-7 7.0E-7 6.9E-7
11/13/2022 7.4E-7 6.5E-7 6.9E-7 6.7E-7
11/14/2022 7.0E-7 6.1E-7 6.7E-7 6.6E-7
11/15/2022 7.1E-7 6.6E-7 6.6E-7 6.9E-7
11/16/2022 7.1E-7 6.5E-7 6.9E-7 6.6E-7
11/17/2022 7.0E-7 6.5E-7 6.6E-7 6.8E-7
11/18/2022 7.1E-7 6.6E-7 6.8E-7 6.9E-7
11/19/2022 7.0E-7 6.4E-7 6.9E-7 6.6E-7
11/20/2022 6.8E-7 6.2E-7 6.6E-7 6.4E-7
11/21/2022 6.6E-7 6.1E-7 6.4E-7 6.5E-7
11/22/2022 6.7E-7 6.3E-7 6.5E-7 6.6E-7
11/23/2022 7.0E-7 6.5E-7 6.6E-7 6.8E-7
11/24/2022 7.0E-7 6.6E-7 6.8E-7 7.0E-7
11/25/2022 7.0E-7 6.6E-7 7.0E-7 6.8E-7
11/26/2022 6.9E-7 6.5E-7 6.8E-7 6.8E-7
11/27/2022 6.8E-7 6.4E-7 6.8E-7 6.8E-7
11/28/2022 6.8E-7 6.5E-7 6.8E-7 6.7E-7
11/29/2022 7.0E-7 6.6E-7 6.7E-7 7.0E-7
11/30/2022 7.2E-7 6.7E-7 7.0E-7 6.8E-7
12/01/2022 7.2E-7 6.8E-7 6.8E-7 7.1E-7
12/02/2022 7.2E-7 6.9E-7 7.1E-7 7.0E-7
12/03/2022 7.2E-7 6.9E-7 7.0E-7 7.0E-7
12/04/2022 7.3E-7 6.9E-7 7.0E-7 7.1E-7
12/05/2022 7.2E-7 6.9E-7 7.1E-7 7.0E-7
12/06/2022 7.3E-7 6.9E-7 7.0E-7 7.1E-7
12/07/2022 7.2E-7 6.6E-7 7.1E-7 6.8E-7
12/08/2022 7.1E-7 6.6E-7 6.8E-7 6.9E-7
12/09/2022 7.0E-7 4.4E-7 6.9E-7 6.8E-7
12/10/2022 7.0E-7 6.7E-7 6.8E-7 6.9E-7
12/11/2022 7.0E-7 6.8E-7 6.9E-7 6.8E-7
12/12/2022 7.0E-7 6.5E-7 6.8E-7 6.6E-7
12/13/2022 7.1E-7 6.6E-7 6.6E-7 6.8E-7
12/14/2022 7.0E-7 6.7E-7 6.8E-7 6.9E-7
12/15/2022 6.9E-7 6.7E-7 6.9E-7 6.8E-7
12/16/2022 7.0E-7 6.2E-7 6.8E-7 6.2E-7
12/17/2022 6.6E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7
12/18/2022 6.6E-7 5.8E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7
12/19/2022 6.5E-7 6.1E-7 6.4E-7 6.3E-7
12/20/2022 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
12/21/2022 6.6E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7 6.4E-7
12/22/2022 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.4E-7
12/23/2022 6.6E-7 6.1E-7 6.4E-7 6.4E-7
12/24/2022 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.3E-7
12/25/2022 6.5E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.4E-7
12/26/2022 6.6E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.4E-7
12/27/2022 6.4E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.4E-7
12/28/2022 6.4E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.3E-7
12/29/2022 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
12/30/2022 6.3E-7 5.8E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
12/31/2022 6.3E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7
01/01/2023 6.4E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
01/02/2023 6.5E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
01/03/2023 6.3E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
01/04/2023 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
01/05/2023 6.5E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
01/06/2023 6.4E-7 5.9E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
01/07/2023 6.9E-7 5.9E-7 6.3E-7 6.3E-7
01/08/2023 6.4E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7 6.4E-7
01/09/2023 6.8E-7 6.3E-7 6.4E-7 6.6E-7
01/10/2023 6.8E-7 6.2E-7 6.6E-7 6.6E-7
01/11/2023 6.9E-7 6.4E-7 6.6E-7 6.6E-7
01/12/2023 7.1E-7 6.6E-7 6.6E-7 6.9E-7
01/13/2023 7.0E-7 6.7E-7 6.9E-7 7.0E-7
01/14/2023 7.9E-7 6.8E-7 7.0E-7 7.3E-7
01/15/2023 7.4E-7 7.0E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
01/16/2023 7.4E-7 5.9E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
01/17/2023 7.6E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7 7.5E-7
01/18/2023 8.1E-7 7.1E-7 7.5E-7 7.1E-7
01/19/2023 7.5E-7 7.1E-7 7.1E-7 7.4E-7
01/20/2023 7.8E-7 7.2E-7 7.4E-7 7.6E-7
01/21/2023 8.0E-7 7.4E-7 7.6E-7 7.6E-7
01/22/2023 7.7E-7 7.0E-7 7.6E-7 7.3E-7
01/23/2023 7.5E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7 7.5E-7
01/24/2023 7.6E-7 7.2E-7 7.5E-7 7.2E-7
01/25/2023 7.4E-7 7.1E-7 7.2E-7 7.2E-7
01/26/2023 7.4E-7 7.2E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7
01/27/2023 7.4E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
01/28/2023 7.4E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
01/29/2023 7.5E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
01/30/2023 8.4E-7 6.4E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
01/31/2023 7.3E-7 7.1E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
02/01/2023 7.4E-7 7.0E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7
02/02/2023 8.7E-7 7.2E-7 7.2E-7 7.6E-7
02/03/2023 7.7E-7 7.2E-7 7.6E-7 7.6E-7
02/04/2023 7.7E-7 7.4E-7 7.6E-7 7.5E-7
02/05/2023 7.7E-7 7.3E-7 7.5E-7 7.5E-7
02/06/2023 7.6E-7 7.3E-7 7.5E-7 7.3E-7
02/07/2023 7.8E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7 7.5E-7
02/08/2023 7.8E-7 7.3E-7 7.5E-7 7.5E-7
02/09/2023 7.6E-7 6.9E-7 7.5E-7 7.0E-7
02/10/2023 7.4E-7 6.9E-7 7.0E-7 7.1E-7
02/11/2023 7.3E-7 6.9E-7 7.1E-7 7.1E-7
02/12/2023 7.5E-7 7.0E-7 7.1E-7 7.2E-7
02/13/2023 7.2E-7 6.8E-7 7.2E-7 6.9E-7
02/14/2023 7.5E-7 6.9E-7 6.9E-7 7.1E-7
02/15/2023 7.5E-7 7.0E-7 7.1E-7 7.3E-7
02/16/2023 7.7E-7 7.0E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
02/17/2023 7.5E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7 7.4E-7
02/18/2023 7.5E-7 7.3E-7 7.4E-7 7.5E-7
02/19/2023 7.5E-7 7.1E-7 7.5E-7 7.5E-7
02/20/2023 7.8E-7 7.2E-7 7.5E-7 7.6E-7
02/21/2023 7.7E-7 7.2E-7 7.6E-7 7.3E-7
02/22/2023 7.4E-7 7.1E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
02/23/2023 7.4E-7 7.2E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
02/24/2023 7.4E-7 7.0E-7 7.3E-7 7.2E-7
02/25/2023 7.3E-7 7.0E-7 7.2E-7 7.1E-7
02/26/2023 7.6E-7 7.0E-7 7.1E-7 7.2E-7
02/27/2023 7.6E-7 6.3E-7 7.2E-7 7.1E-7
02/28/2023 7.5E-7 5.5E-7 7.1E-7 7.4E-7
03/01/2023 7.5E-7 7.3E-7 7.4E-7 7.3E-7
03/02/2023 7.4E-7 7.1E-7 7.3E-7 7.3E-7
03/03/2023 7.5E-7 6.8E-7 7.3E-7 7.0E-7
03/04/2023 7.2E-7 6.9E-7 7.0E-7 7.0E-7
03/05/2023 7.5E-7 6.1E-7 7.0E-7 6.9E-7
03/06/2023 7.0E-7 6.8E-7 6.9E-7 7.0E-7
03/07/2023 7.3E-7 6.7E-7 7.0E-7 6.9E-7
03/08/2023 6.9E-7 6.4E-7 6.9E-7 6.6E-7
03/09/2023 6.9E-7 6.2E-7 6.6E-7 6.3E-7
03/10/2023 6.3E-7 5.8E-7 6.3E-7 5.9E-7
03/11/2023 6.2E-7 5.9E-7 5.9E-7 6.1E-7
03/12/2023 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.1E-7 6.4E-7
03/13/2023 6.9E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.5E-7
03/14/2023 7.0E-7 6.5E-7 6.5E-7 6.8E-7
03/15/2023 7.0E-7 6.4E-7 6.8E-7 6.5E-7
03/16/2023 6.7E-7 6.4E-7 6.5E-7 6.7E-7
03/17/2023 6.9E-7 6.2E-7 6.7E-7 6.7E-7
03/18/2023 6.9E-7 6.6E-7 6.7E-7 6.6E-7
03/19/2023 6.8E-7 6.6E-7 6.6E-7 6.7E-7
03/20/2023 6.8E-7 6.1E-7 6.7E-7 6.2E-7
03/21/2023 6.4E-7 5.9E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7
03/22/2023 6.4E-7 5.9E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
03/23/2023 6.3E-7 6.0E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7
03/24/2023 6.9E-7 6.0E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
03/25/2023 6.3E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7
03/26/2023 6.3E-7 6.0E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7
03/27/2023 6.3E-7 6.0E-7 6.2E-7 6.1E-7
03/28/2023 6.4E-7 6.0E-7 6.1E-7 6.1E-7
03/29/2023 6.4E-7 6.0E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7
03/30/2023 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.4E-7
03/31/2023 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.4E-7
04/01/2023 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.4E-7 6.3E-7
04/02/2023 6.4E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
04/03/2023 6.3E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7
04/04/2023 6.4E-7 5.6E-7 6.3E-7 5.9E-7
04/05/2023 6.4E-7 5.6E-7 5.9E-7 6.2E-7
04/06/2023 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7
04/07/2023 6.4E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7
04/08/2023 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.1E-7
04/09/2023 6.3E-7 5.8E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7
04/10/2023 6.3E-7 6.0E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
04/11/2023 6.4E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7
04/12/2023 6.3E-7 6.0E-7 6.3E-7 6.1E-7
04/13/2023 6.3E-7 5.9E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7
04/14/2023 6.5E-7 6.1E-7 6.1E-7 6.1E-7
04/15/2023 6.3E-7 6.1E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7
04/16/2023 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7
04/17/2023 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
04/18/2023 6.4E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7
04/19/2023 8.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7 7.3E-7
04/20/2023 8.0E-7 6.2E-7 7.3E-7 6.5E-7
04/21/2023 6.5E-7 6.1E-7 6.5E-7 6.2E-7
04/22/2023 6.8E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7
04/23/2023 6.6E-7 6.3E-7 6.4E-7 6.5E-7
04/24/2023 6.6E-7 6.2E-7 6.5E-7 6.2E-7
04/25/2023 6.9E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7 6.5E-7
04/26/2023 6.9E-7 6.2E-7 6.5E-7 6.5E-7
04/27/2023 6.6E-7 6.3E-7 6.5E-7 6.5E-7
04/28/2023 6.6E-7 6.3E-7 6.4E-7 6.4E-7
04/29/2023 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7 6.3E-7
04/30/2023 6.8E-7 6.2E-7 6.3E-7 6.5E-7
05/01/2023 6.7E-7 6.2E-7 6.5E-7 6.2E-7
05/02/2023 6.5E-7 6.2E-7 6.2E-7 6.4E-7
05/03/2023 6.6E-7 6.1E-7 6.4E-7 6.3E-7
05/04/2023 6.3E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.2E-7
05/05/2023 6.7E-7 6.1E-7 6.3E-7 6.1E-7
05/06/2023 6.4E-7 6.0E-7 6.5E-7 6.1E-7
05/07/2023 6.2E-7 6.0E-7 6.1E-7 6.2E-7
05/08/2023 6.2E-7 5.9E-7 6.2E-7 5.9E-7
05/09/2023 6.2E-7 5.9E-7 5.9E-7 6.1E-7
05/10/2023 6.2E-7 6.0E-7 6.1E-7 6.1E-7
05/11/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 6.1E-7 5.9E-7
05/12/2023 6.0E-7 5.7E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7
05/13/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7
05/14/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7 6.0E-7
05/15/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7 6.1E-7
05/16/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 6.1E-7 6.0E-7
05/17/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7 5.9E-7
05/18/2023 6.1E-7 5.8E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7
05/19/2023 6.2E-7 5.7E-7 6.0E-7 6.0E-7
05/20/2023 6.0E-7 5.8E-7 6.0E-7 5.9E-7
05/21/2023 6.0E-7 5.7E-7 5.9E-7 5.9E-7
05/22/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7
05/23/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7 5.9E-7
05/24/2023 6.1E-7 5.9E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7
05/25/2023 6.1E-7 5.8E-7 6.0E-7 5.8E-7
05/26/2023 6.0E-7 5.7E-7 5.8E-7 5.9E-7
05/27/2023 6.0E-7 5.8E-7 5.9E-7 5.8E-7
05/28/2023 6.2E-7 5.9E-7 5.9E-7 6.1E-7
05/29/2023 6.2E-7 5.9E-7 6.0E-7 6.1E-7
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